Tesla’s In-Car Camera systems spark privacy concerns

As automakers increasingly add automation to new vehicles, they are also starting to include driver monitoring systems to ensure...

Mar 25 · 57 sec read >

Google will face lawsuit over Incognito mode tracking

If you thought you were ‘securely browsing’ via incognito mode, well think again! In 2020, Google had faced a...

Mar 15 · 32 sec read >

Apple’s new privacy policy is a nightmare for Facebook

Apple has toughened its privacy policy with iOS 14, with plans to introduce multiple new features that let users...

Mar 12 · 1 min read >

A win for Privacy. Mozilla bans cookies with the new Total Cookie Protection feature

For privacy-focused users, who are particularly bothered by cookies tracking them, Mozilla has a viable solution. Mozilla – the...

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Feb 26 · 43 sec read >

Alarming report suggests Android users’ data is being sold to the US government

If you are confident that Google’s app store’s rules will keep your location data from falling into the hands...

Feb 25 · 50 sec read >

Your baby monitor could be spying on you. Security research uncovers vulnerabilities

According to a recent finding by SecurityDetectives – an independent review site for antiviruses and other security products, a...

Feb 19 · 48 sec read >

WhatsApp ditchers may never return as it goes ahead with Privacy Update

In a move that further irked privacy advocates, WhatsApp announced to go ahead with the highly controversial privacy policy...

Feb 19 · 53 sec read >

Early teasers for Android 12 featuring a fresh UI redesign with security updates

With the Google’s Android 12 update coming this fall, there are alot of expectations in regards to performance, outlook...

Feb 9 · 1 min read >

TikTok makes all under-16 accounts private to improve child safety

In a welcome move for the safety and privacy protection of the app’s youthful users, TikTok has officially changed...

Jan 25 · 1 min read >

#WhatsAppPrivacyPolicy – So suddenly we are all privacy centric?

WhatsApp has announced changes to its Privacy Policy which will take effect from 8th February. The question now arises...

Jan 9 · 3 min read >

Microsoft builds software that lets your boss spy on you

Microsoft just filed a patent a few weeks ago for a software that will monitor and score employees’ body...

Dec 1 · 45 sec read >

Israel is using computer analysis to determine coronavirus patients

Tracking coronavirus patients through their smartphones was a tricky move, and the Israeli government knew it. For one, there...

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