YouTube decides to revise their comment filters

Written by Fatima Hasan ·  1 min read >

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to filter comments or search for certain comments under your YouTube videos? Well, now you can. YouTube has made it possible to manage and customize the comments’ sections. The purpose of this new feature is to make it easy for creators to answer queries under their post, which can increase interaction between the viewer and the creator.

Generally, YouTubers receive hundreds of comments on their videos (if you’re YouTube famous, this goes up to thousands), and most of them are queries about the subject matter. This new robust filter makes it easy to engage with the audience. In fact, this is pivotal if one is looking to increase interaction on YouTube. A creator’s followers and subscribers will increase dramatically because people like social media engagement by someone they consider a celebrity or an inspiration. The creators of YouTube did not come up with the idea by themselves though. It was one of the top-most requests from YouTube bloggers. They published a blog post about this new search feature very recently.

Here are the new filtering options for all you YouTubers:

  • Have you already responded to the comment?
  • Does the comment have a question for you?
  • Does the commenter have a thousand, ten thousand, one million or ten million subscribers?
  • Does the commenter subscribe to your channel publicly?
  • Is the commenter a member of YouTube?

Even though, YouTube has a filter system in place at the moment, it is not so useful. For one, it cannot detect questions and the number of subscribers. Secondly, the company also had to deal with limited keyword search limitations in the past, which meant that many comments pertaining to the topic, but without the exact keywords searched, never showed. However, with this new and improved search system, people will be able to see search results which are not limited to the exact key words but show a whole array of searches which may be relevant to the keywords in the search box. This has only one disadvantage, which is that many comments will be redundant or repetitive.

YouTube has claimed that their comment section is still far from perfect and that they are working on adding more options to the system. Their comment section will probably include more filters including likes; which currently allows all YouTube members to like people’s comments, and pin their favorites. They are also working on giving creators more control over their comment section, including who views them.