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Zameen-1, property listing platform, has recently added new features and functionality to its mobile app. The mobile app will now boast the ‘New Projects’ section; a feature available on the website as well. Through this feature, users can browse through new and upcoming housing and commercial projects available in the realty market.
1. The new feature allows users to search for New Projects. They are able to filter their query by type of property and location

For the ease of users, search for new projects can be narrowed down by type of property or even location i.e. the city. The main project page will let users peruse through every detail they can possibly think of.

2. The main project page will let you peruse through every detail you can possibly think of, and more!

The project page will let users go through a whole lot of information about the property in question. From a basic overview to more detailed information like floor plans, pricing, and more – it is all here!

The newer version of the app also includes nifty features like directions, 3D walkthrough, and maps.

The direction feature enables the users to figure out the best possible route to their project of interest.  While the map helps them pinpoint the exact location of the project as well as get a basic overview of its surroundings.

The most interesting and useful aspect is the 3D walkthrough that let users experience the project in virtual reality; a first in the industry.

The 3D Walkthrough lets you take a literal look at the property. Walk around the home you want to purchase without ever visiting the site

These new features will help interested investors and buyers to make an informed decision while minimizing the hassle of going from site to site.

These new features come equipped with a new user interface as well.

With all these tools, the app comes closer to offering its users every possible reality solution under one roof. These features are currently available for Android only. The good folk at will be releasing an update for iOS devices soon as well.

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