Zong 4G partners with Enfrashare to increase network reach

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Pakistan’s leading telecommunication network, Zong 4G, signed a strategic business deal with Engro’s Enfrashare aiming at the betterment of its services, today. This partnership will allow Zong to expand its 4G network in the country to provide better coverage and excellent subscriber experience.

Zong is one of the biggest mobile operator in Pakistan providing unmatched connectivity and services to people all across Pakistan. With more than 12,000 4G sites and 4G subscribers crossing 13 Million, Zong 4G is the most widely used and fastest-growing network in the country.

Enfrashare was formed by Engro Corporation with an aim to enhance digital connectivity throughout the country by helping mobile operators lower the cost of network access to users. The company’s investments and services are making Pakistan more connected and informed.

Zong’s spokesperson commented on the partnership saying:

Zong 4G is committed in its ambition of building the digital Ecosystem of Pakistan. In a bid to further augment the user experience, Zong 4G has partnered with Enfrashare to further expand its network outreach. Our customers experience is our first priority, and through this partnership, our customers will benefit directly from our state-of-the-art mobile network for a seamless digital experience.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Rehan Hassan from Enfrashare explains the needs and benefits of this collaboration:

“Enfrashare firmly believes that connectivity is a basic human need, it is the conduit that enables social and financial inclusion. We are very proud of what we have accomplished in a short span of time, since our inception last year. This agreement allows us to work with one of the most respected operators in the country to provide enhanced solutions.
Enfrashare’s vision goes beyond just towers to enable broader connectivity and encompasses all necessary components including towers, fiber, energy and more. This partnership marks the beginning of a new journey, where the two key members of telecom’s ecosystem will bring together their expertise and enhance the country’s connectivity.”

Written by Tehreem Farooqi
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