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10 Best New Year Wishes From The Tech World To Their Fans

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2015 is here – the year in which the movie ‘Back To The Future’ was set in. It is mind blowing that the movie writers – Zemeckis and Bob Gale envisioned current technology in 1985 such as Hover Boards, Maglev Trains, 3D Printers, Virtual Headsets and much more. Though we are still waiting for time machines!

Pakistan had its own share of tech this past year from launching international brand smartphones in local market to introducing 4G LTE technology and latest home electronics suitable for our environment. The country definitely made progress in keeping up with the world in the technology arena.

Moreover, the companies became more concerned in maintaining their social presence in Pakistan. They have realized the importance of social media in addition to making progress in technology. They connected with their fans on Facebook and Twitter through different competitions, posting updates on new offers or simply asking for opinions.

Today, we have collected some of the best New Year wishes from the tech world to their fans. The posts are ranked based on their uniqueness, personalization and aesthetic sense. We hope you enjoy our account on the New Year wishes from tech in Pakistan.

1. Samsung Pakistan

Samsung really reached out to their fans through announcing the winners of The Note 4 Challenge. Well, at least to these lucky three! Samsung used the opportunity to not only market their product but also indicated their love for the fans through perfect timing of result announcement.

2. Wi-tribe Pakistan

Wi-tribe kept the New Year wish simple and thought provoking, urging their fans to stay united in difficult times. We loved how they even designed ‘2015’ to reflect the message. This is why they earned a second place on our list.

3. Mobilink

Mobilink wished New Year to their fans through a prayer for a successful life ahead. They even hash tagged the post with ‘Mobilink Cares’. The image design had an old fashioned calendar flipping its way to the next year which probably symbolized the length of time the company has spent in Pakistan. Additionally, the vibrant red color perfectly synchronized with the company’s logo.

4. Ufone

Ufone had the same cheery feeling in their New Year wish as they have in their TV Ads. We loved how they wished for new dreams, desires, ways, days and finally year to their fans using light themed design. Ufone personalized the message through a ‘U’ wearing a birthday cap which portrayed that they do indeed care for their customers.

5. Zong

We simply loved the design and the message written on an old fashioned round mirror. The mirror clearly symbolizes a reflection to the future and we are hoping that Zong has few surprises stored for us this year.

6. Haier Pakistan

Haier’s New Year cover photo felt relatable to the company’s tagline – Inspired Living. The design was well thought through as Happy New Year crossed 20 in 2015 indicated that we have entered the 15th year of the 21st century. The company followed their own message, “Express Yourself” as they uniquely designed the New Year wish.

7. Plan9 – Tech Incubator

The 3D ‘2015’ designed over a simple background felt innovated which synchronizes with the idea of a tech incubator. Moreover, Plan9 included the whole management in their New Year message which show team spirit and we admired it.

8. QMobile

QMobile’s New Year cover photo was not exceptional but we had to give them points for over personalizing the image with their smartphone and traditional design around the New Year wish.

9. OPPO Pakistan

OPPO Pakistan shared their New Year resolution of bringing new innovative products to the country. They insisted fans to share their New Year resolutions and even addressed them as ‘Ofans’. The designed image was personalized with the logo color and the company’s mascot which felt joyful and cute at the same time.

10. Warid

Warid recently launched 4G LTE in Pakistan and they used the New Year wish as a marketing opportunity for their technology.

Written by Sarwat Fatima
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