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10 inspiring graphic design resources

Written by Adnan Jabbar ·  2 min read >

Whichever industry you are working at if your product is user centric then your ultimate goal is always to make the users happy. Nobody can deny the fact that a good designed product increases the chances of success and winning customers to a great percentage.

Obviously there are many websites out there which would give you a sort-of vague picture of what to do while designing something but we have compiled some unique websites for you today which would give you an inspiration to boost your graphic design prospective in a whole different way.

1 – Abduzeedo


By far this has been the site which I’ve been personally using for my design inspirations. Designed in 2006 by Fabio Sasso from Brazil who is now working at Google, this website is the ultimate resource for some great sections on Photoshop/Illustrator tutorials, design tutorials, architectural inspiration and much more.

Link :

2- Smashing Magazine


Yes Sir, this site is also a great resource for designers and web-developers looking to find ways and tricks to put the love and romance of CSS3 on their lonely life of HTML5. This site is full of tutorials in web-development (CSS / HTML / JavaScript) as well as in Typography, Mobile Design, Responsive Design, UI & UX Design and WordPress. If you really want to learn something and implement it in your design concept this is the resource I would recommend.

Link :

3 – Behance (Adobe®)


If you are sitting on a beautiful evening and having a cup of nice coffee in front of you and all you see around you is just beauty then you are definitely in a mood of some inspiring designs try looking at Behance a collaborative network of Adobe Inc. it’s a space which can inspire the monkey in your brain and made him play the ole’ snares (Ref: The Simpsons). Behance leads you through the world of Product Design Prototyping, as well as inspires you with some amazing digital designs. Checkout Facebook Re-design Concept and Doritos Packaging Design Concept.

Link :

4- Dribbble


If you are hanging a board on yourself “Available For Work” then Dribbble is the place for you to advertise yourself and your designs to get the best and inspiring jobs. This place is basically a showcase zone for designers to show their works either it’s product design, UI design or even a business card design. Many international companies or startups based in USA takes advantage of this network to hunt for some good ole’ crazy designers.

Link :

5- Web Designer Depot


On Web Designer Depot you will find everything from Photoshop tutorials to WordPress plugins, This website is the perfect showcase for Web savvy designers. You’ll find in-depth articles on a variety of red hot topics such as jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, typography, usability, and more. Not to mention features looking at the business side of design, freelancing, mobile applications, inspiration, and resources, to name a few. Don’t miss the freebies in the design section as well.

Link :

 6- Pixels Daily


Pixels Daily is an online resource for free and commercial resources for designers which includes font’s, pre-designed layouts, icon sets, wireframing sets and much more explore for more things.

Link :

7 – PSDTuts


OMG – This site is the Isengard of the Lord of the Rings. You can find tons of resources on this enormous portal of joy and wonder. Being a parts of TutsPlus Network this contains tutorials ranging from every design software to a video rendering software. Have a look.

Link :

8- Design Decks


Design Decks is a great resource websites for free and paid design products which would include icon sets, UI kits, patterns, web-templates and much more. The site is very well known in design community for it’s clean look and wide range of options. Have a look yourself.

Link :

9 – The Dieline


This website is somewhat similar to Behance but it focuses only on one aspect of design which is Packaging Design. From Book Covers, Coffee Packaging, Wine Bottle Designs to Boxed Products. This website is your one-stop shop for an inspiration dosage of elegant yet inspiring Packaging. If you have done some good packaging design you can also showcase your product on this website.

Link :

10- Pixeden


This site is the creme dela creme of the design resources ranging from icon sets, UI, UX, stencils, print designs, vector designs, mockups and much more. You can acquire a 10$/Month Membership and avail all the premium content, not like other website which would charge you by the product. So that’s good, alright Sparky ! move on and have a look at it.

Link :

Written by Adnan Jabbar
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