10 reasons why Windows 10 should be on your priority list

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  5 min read >

The entire world is divided on OSs’ that are installed on their tablets, desktops and laptops. Every other day we hear tech people comparing and commenting on what their favorite OS has to offer? The OSs’ such as Linux, Mac and Windows have always been the talk of the town. However, we believe that the latest technological developments and the following ten reasons will make Windows 10 the most talked about topic in the history of OSs’. Well, let’s see if we can persuade you to try out Windows 10 as soon as it comes out.

1. One OS to rule them all

For a long time, Mac has offered seamless synchronization between all Apple products. You had the killer combination of being connected on your MacBook, iPhone and iPad where ever you go. This is due to the seamless connectivity of the Mac OS which can also handle your devices remotely.

10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 1

In the years past, Microsoft has been releasing Windows OS oriented products but offered no source of amalgamation between them. The Surface platform, Windows Phone and the Xbox One (and soon, Hololens) three of Microsoft’s most renowned products, will now be centralized on one OS with a recognizable OS layout.

Much like the Mac combination, if you own multiple Windows 10 products, you can find smooth synchronization on all devices under one email address.

2. Metro (not the buses) is down, but not out

The Metro UI can both be a blessing in disguise or the bane of your existence depending on which side of the fence you are in. Microsoft has heard both sides loud and clear thus making Metro a “Windowed” option.

10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 2
Are you curious about the weather or latest news? Are you worried about losing your full or half screen to Metro? The good news is that Metro can now behave as a Window too. Those of you who know how to utilize Metro will find this to be a useful change.

3. A revamped and better Start Menu

The best change made to the traditional Start menu was in Windows Vista which later improved in Windows 7. However, it disappeared in Windows 8 / 8.1. Most of us dearly missed the Start menu and Microsoft decided to hear our complaints.

10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 3

Now we get a bit of both the previous Start menu in the newer version of Windows OS. The combination of Metro with the improved Windows 7 Start menu does look tempting though I am sure there will be a tweak down the road to remove the “eyesore” Metro apps.
What truly sets this Start menu apart from the others is the customization of the size which you can adjust to suit your liking and mood. This is definitely a first in the series.

4. Windows Continuum – effortless switching from office to the couch

Those of you who own a Surface, a Windows 10 Tablet, or a device that has Windows 10 installed on it with a detachable keyboard can now enjoy Continuum. You can now have Windows 10 device for business and pleasure.

Just attach a keyboard to your tablet and continuum will make a transition between being the touch interface to receiving input from the attached keyboard. So you are done with your work for the day? Unplug the keyboard and go back to the tablet mode and do as you wish!

10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 4

The above illustration does a pretty good job of describing this features. Additionally, you can attach your Windows 10 device to a desktop via HDMI and readily take advantage of the keyboard and mouse.

5. Cortana – the most talked about feature

Cortana made her debut in the smash hit video game, Halo, which will soon grow to be one of Microsoft’s most prized franchises. Cortana then made the transition from video game to smartphone in a Windows Phone 8.1 update, and it was only recently when Cortana was shown running on an Android device after being announced for the iOS / Android platform.

This magnificent digital assistant is much like Siri but with a touch of spice. Cortana is every gambler’s dream come true since it has already predicted the outcomes of sporting events (right down to the final scores mind you) and the winner of EuroVision 2015 which was concluded recently.

10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 6

This single app has rocked the world of digital assistants to where Google Now and Siri bow their heads in shame. Cortana feels like a real-life assistant that can help make your life much easier on the desktop. Cortana can do anything, everything and maybe even more with its native integration into Windows 10.

And let us not forget the most important and overlooked feature of all. People who work in corporate basements will finally have someone to talk to 😛

6. Microsoft Edge (#ripinpiecesIE)

If you have ever used Internet Explorer 6 or the latest version then you will be glad to know that Internet Explorer does not exist anymore. Meet Microsoft Edge. It’s fast and beautiful with improved sound quality for your Music Streaming and YouTube needs.

Microsoft Edge
Cortana is also integrated on the browser to help you with knowledge bombs when you want to prove someone wrong on the internet; you now have a tag team partner. Additionally, you can now write notes while ON the website without relying on sticky notes, share interesting stuff and choose a reading view.

7. Virtual Desktops Will Help You separate Professional and Personal life

I have used this feature in Ubuntu 14.04 and it has been my most favorite feature of all. I am eager to try it out on Windows 10. In Ubuntu, a simple flick of CTRL + ALT + Arrow buttons helped me switch between desktops I had made for work, personal web browsing and one dedicated to video watching.

You can add a number of desktops, move an app, or media to another desktop for watching. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. This is indeed a God send to the intense multitasker or the one among us who clutters up one desktop and just moves on to the next desktop.

10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 7
The move is as simple as the picture above, You can even shift between desktops as easily as pressing the ALT + TAB or Windows Key + CTRL + Left / Right Directional button. This sounds boring now, but when you have to balance multiple tasks in one day and alternate between work and personal navigation, then you will be grateful for this feature.

8. Improved Mail and Calendar Features

If you are an organization freak like myself and utilize the calendar frequently to schedule classes, meetings and looking at pictures of kittens in mugs, then you will love the new calendar app. The app managed to get “stale” for me in Windows 8.1 where I preferred to do all my appointment from Outlook directly.

10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 8

The new apps look slick, polished and offer much more functionality than before along with the above mentioned Metro rule of running apps in resizable windows. The biggest gripe with the Windows 8.1 apps was having the screen divided either half or fully, but now with that out of the way, it seems to be smooth sailing from here. Who here would like to give the new apps a second chance?

9. Action Notification Center (Truly Everything At Once)

Social media, messages, apps and every update you have on your Windows device is now centralized on a single place. The notification center lets you handle all your needs, from your desktop. As you can see, the notification center is more than what it was in 8.1, it offers a lot more functionality and use this time around.

10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 9

While this feature will definitely fly under the radar, tech savvy people will find a definitive use for it to increase their productivity in their professional and personal lives. Primarily, this will be of the most to desktop and tablet customers since Windows phone users have been accustomed to this for a while now.

10. Gamers will love it

As I mentioned earlier, Mac has always had seamless connectivity with other entertainment devices. What will truly set Windows 10 apart from the rest of the herd will be the capability of streaming and playing your game from your Xbox One onto a device with Windows 10 on it.

There have been frequent times where people have tried to connect their consoles to laptop screens, but all have been in vain due to Laptop mostly offering HDMI – out, rather than HDMI in.This is the next best thing for Windows 10 and Xbox One users. Once you have this amazing setup configured, you will have the capability of playing video games with ease on your laptop if the TV in your house is in use. I know many people who would definitely cherish this feature due to living in big families.

10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 10

The Nintendo Wii-U has this feature since launch with their “second screen” by continuing to play the game on the tablet and recently, PlayStation 4 did Remote Play where people could play PS4 games on their smartphones and on the PlayStation Vita without having their PS4 near them. It’s good to see that Microsoft has not excluded the games from the segment when it comes to Windows 10!

 Which Windows 10 feature are you looking forward to trying out? Let us know in the comment section below.