Cortana for Android Makes Debut in New Windows 10 Video

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  56 sec read >

It was only a few days ago that Cortana was announced for iOS and Android, while this was just an announcement, there was still no proper idea of what the app would look like on the smartphone OS’s. The Android version has just been officially shown when a new Windows 10 video cropped up on YouTube.

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The User Interface is minimal and resembles the original Windows Phone client. A simple search box and microphone icon with the traditional circle representing Cortana processing the information. There is an options button on the top left of the screen which is not explored in the video.

You can watch the reveal video here. (Skip to 2:18)

As you can see, Cortana is indeed at a good development pace in such a short time of announcement, and with Windows 10 slated for a July 29th release, it is only question of whether Cortana will release on Android / iOS before or after the launch of the new OS.

Google Now is good and all, but when was the last time Google Now predicted the winner of EuroVision , Barclay’s Premier League matches, and many other events? I kid you not. Cortana has indeed predicted the outcome of many sporting events, Google it and see for yourself.

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Who here is excited for Cortana on the Android? I know I am really hoping to give it a spin to see if it fares up to the Windows Phone version.