10 unique tech products that you can buy under $5

Written by Sidra Amin ·  2 min read >
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With the excessive use of technology, many tech products have been developed which can be put to use to use the smartphones and laptops more efficiently. Some of these products are available for an unbelievable price of US $5.

Here’s a list of these products.

1. Super Wide Angle Mobile Phone Lens for great photos

Promising Review: Your money is worth the lens. Wide angle makes very good pictures. You don’t need any selfie sticks when you have this lens. This lens is not only suitable for shooting small objects, but also has a lens that increases viewing angle and can take any kinds of pictures. The delivery time was fast. It is really good in general and so, I will recommend.

The price is US $4.63 but after 30% discount, you can get it for US $3.24.

2. CAFELE 2 in 1 USB Cables for Samsung and iPhone which are absolutely cute

Promising Review: It is a perfect retractable USB cable. The cable is very nice looking. It comes in a handy box. I will totally recommend it. Thank you seller.

Its price is US $8.32 but you can get it for US $3.99.

3. RAXFLY Mini USB Car to keep your phone charged even on a long road trip

Promising Review: It has excellent quality. Everything works fine. It got delivered within 2 weeks. I recommend it.

The product costs US $6.41 but it is available for US $4.49 with 30% discount.

4. New Portable Universal Selfie Ring Flash Led Light Lamp for better and brighter selfies

Promising Review: Goods came in less than a month. It was all perfectly packaged. There were dents and no cracks! The ring has three modes of brightness, each of which works fine. Photos and videos with this are very cool. I advise the good to everyone.

The price is US $499 but you can get it for US $2.99.

5. Wired Bluetooth Mouse Gamer with a wonderful design

Promising Review: It is a very good mouse. It is very light. It has very bright lights. Mouse quality is perfect to play Minecraft on online server. I’m super satisfied.
The price is US $3.44 but you can get it for US $2.99.

6. Hot Mini Wireless Wifi Adapter to have your laptop connected to the internet just anywhere

Promising Review: Goods were delivered quickly. They are as good as the picture. The seller gave a link to the driver. Everything works fine. The speed of downloading files on the phone/tablet is fast. For the money, it is a great product.

The product costs US $3.11 but it is available for US $2.77.

7. High Definition Mini USB Camera with Retractable Clip Web Camera for high quality photos

Promising Review: For the money, it is a great camera. Colors are not bad. Inn good light, it gives quite a decent picture. But the real resolution is only 640*480. Other than that, it has a very small viewing angle. Delivery was fast and took half a month.

The price is US $3.54 but you can get it for US $2.93.

8. CASEIER Phone Case For Samsung Galaxy to keep it classy and safe

Promising Review: Samsung case is of high quality and is very good. It is excellent and perfectly fits the phone case model. It has different designs and I am very satisfied with drawings. It has a very unusual pattern which is beautiful. The cover is made of silicon and fits my phone well. The shipping took a week.

The product costs US $3.32 but it is available for US $1.96.

9. Top Fidget Spinner USB with LED lights which is super cool

Promising Review: The goods arrived without damage. Everything revolves and works. Charging is via usb. When spinning, it is lit in different colors and creates a different shape. It is a cool spinner. I liked it very much. I am very happy with it.

The price is US $4.00 but you can get it for US $3.80.

10. BinFul Portable Flexible Cooling Usb Fan that you can take anywhere

Promising Review: The product has been received in excellent condition Thank you to the seller. I recommend dealing with him. And the shipping was real fast.

The product costs US $1.06.

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