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25 Android Apps you should download

Written by Usama Faiz ·  6 min read >
Must have Android Apps

Smartphones are called so because they have been designed to make our mobile and life experience better. There is an app for almost everything you can do with your phone. But in this fast growing android apps industry there are thousands of identical apps with same functions and it has become quite difficult to find the perfect app that fits to all of our needs. So in order to save you from the hustle of trying every app to find the right one we have created a list of the best ones.

1- Google Keep

Google Keep

We all need to save a lot of data every single day. This includes music, books, pictures, checklists, reminders and lot of other stuff which we keep on losing and forgetting every now and then. But Google have now solved this problem for us with ‘Keep’. With keep you can quickly note things you need to remember, and include checklists and photos and everything that needs to be kept safe and just a click away.

‘Keep’ is a super fast app and can be accessed from anywhere through Google drive since it syncs with your Google account


2- Juice Defender

Juice Defender

Smartphones are meant to keep us connected with a world all the time. But they all have one major problem – LOW BATTERY and that too mostly at the most unexpected times. Their battery life can be significantly increased using this great app ‘Juice Defender’. The best part is that if you are not satisfied with its automatic settings you can easily customize it according to your own need and desire.


3- MX-Player

MX Player

Smart phones are all about providing you the best entertainment experience. You can listen music, see pictures and can watch videos of your choice. But android comes with default media player on which you can’t watch every format of videos and you have to convert it before you can play it in your device which is a waste of time. To solve this issue MX-Player is the best option. It supports almost all of the video formats with different H/W+ decoders for Tegra-3 powered devices. There are many more features you can enjoy so go ahead and try this awesome app.


4- SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore

Back in time for saving our important SMS we used to sync our phones with PCs to keep those text messages & contacts safe. But thanks to smart phones, now there are many apps in the app store that save our time and our SMS with a single tap, though ‘SMS backup & restore’ is the best of all.

It’s a simple app that saves all our SMS with original date and time, you can also adjust the time on which it automatically backups your SMS in the background.

5- Wi-Fi Browser

Wifi Browser

Every now and then we need to transfer data from our PCs to phones or from phones to PCs and every time we do this we need to attach the two using a data cable which becomes really annoying at times. To solve this problem ‘Wi-Fi Browser’ is best option but the two devices need to be connected to the   same Wi-Fi connection.


6- Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Using same interface every day bores us. But with Android you can now change your phone’s interface completely and there are thousands of Android Launchers in the play store for this but there are only a few of them that work perfectly, Nova Launcher is one of them. It’s fully customizable. From Home screen to App drawer you can customize almost everything including the themes.

There is also an ad free version in the app store with more features. So if you’re using 4.0+ android versions you should definitely give it a try.

7- Clean Master

Clean Master

Low end Android user’s always encounter a common problem which is Low space on their Android device. ‘Clean master’ makes it easy to identify what’s eating up your storage space & helps you to get rid of it.

Once you install ‘clean master’ it will automatically check your device and give you the graph, with this you can clean all your useless cache that is hogging your memory space.

Clean master also comes with a task killer, which can kill every app in the background and will also clean your Ram storage and make your device faster.


8- My Tracks

My Tracks

Recently Google released its app My Tracks. With this you can record your tracks. You can use it while you’re running, riding a bike or hiking, and it will use GPS sensor in your phone to record the path you took. Plus it will also gather other important statistics like time, speed, distance and elevation and you can review all the data later. You can also mark or pin point different locations while on track.


9- Dash Clock

Dash Clock

Dash Clock is the best replacement for lock screen clock widget for Android 4.2+ users and you can super charge you lock screen with its extensions because it support notifications from other applications which is a huge benefit for android users.

To get its complete benefits you have to add its different extensions to make your lock screen awesome.


10- Dropbox


We are always worried about our important memories that we have stored in the form of pictures & videos that we might lose them accidentally. To avoid this we have Dropbox. Dropbox is free service that lets you store your media online. Once you install Dropbox it will automatically check your phone for pictures and videos and will upload them in the background. And the best part is that the Dropbox lets you access all your data anywhere on any Device e.g. Laptops.


11-SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler

Guilty because you forgot an important meeting or a friend’s birthday?? No need to worry about such stuff anymore!

SMS Scheduler is a simple app that allows you to schedule SMS to be sent. You can set the date and time for the SMS and when the time comes it’ll send it automatically while you’re busy in your everyday chores.


12- SoundHound


Listening to a song on radio or anywhere and can’t catch its name? Well now we have an app for you to do that. Sound hound lets you find everything you want to know about a song. Its name, artist & album & also provides the lyrics for the songs.


13- 4Shared


4Shared is a simple app for finding different files that are uploaded on it. With its simple interface it’ll help you to save time.



14- Uber Music


Android devices and custom ROMS come with default music players but most of them are quite boring. Play store is full of different music players too but Uber Music player is Unique because of its simplicity and its beautiful widgets. The best part is that while your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi Uber Music player will update music info for Songs in the library automatically.

*It’s a paid app in app store, but here’s a link to download it for free too.



15- Smart Connect


Android is all about customizations. To make customizations there are different apps in the app store. Smart Connect is one of them. IT lets you chose what happens when you connect different accessories to your phone (for example you want to play/pause a song when you connect a Headset).


16- Quick Pic


Android comes with a default Gallery that lets you view pictures and videos in your phone but with limited features. But we now have ‘Quick Pic’ with many awesome features that make our Smartphone experience all the more better.

Some of its cool features are that you can hide or unhide your important pictures and videos and it comes with an integrated video player that may come handy when your default gallery can’t play a video.


17- Photo Grid

Photo Grid

Want to make a collage? Photo Grid is the best collage maker for androids with awesome features. You can change the background with a simple shake and can also add text in your photo grid. Photo Grid also lets you add a lot of layouts, templates, frames, stickers, and backgrounds.


18- Pattrn


Pattrn is a simple app that lets you create your own wallpapers for your home screen. It’s really easy to use and saves your favorite ones and you can share them with others as well.


19- Quora


Quora is best source of knowledge. You can ask any questions as you want and get real answers from the people with experience. You can also blog about what you know. Another plus is that you can also vote for the best answers. But right now it’s only English supported.


20- Documents to Go

Documents to Go

‘Documents to go’ is an office suite for Smart phone users. You can open Microsoft office files direct from your phone. It even lets you edit your documents at hand and its premium edition can open and create Excel charts as well.


21- SwiftKey


SwiftKey is a simple onscreen keyboard that helps you type in an easier, faster and less frustrating way. It is full of features to help you type and has a dictionary and predicts your next words as well.


22- Dots


It’s a free game in the market that is definitely worth your time. ‘Dots’ is a simple and very addictive puzzle game in which you just have to connect the similar dots to each other to earn maximum score.


 23- ES file Manager

ES File Explorer

There are lots of file manager apps for Android phones that can manage your files but the one with the best features of all is ES File manager. It is a quick and easy way to browse through folders and files on your android device. You can easily copy, move, rename or delete any file by touching and holding a file. Zipping and unzipping options with encryption also come in handy when you need it.



Dictionary is the best free available dictionary in the play store, with over 2,000,000 definitions & synonyms.

Some of its other amazing features include Audio pronunciations, idioms & phrases, word origin & history and spelling suggestions.


25- Drippler


‘Drippler’ helps people discover, use and share everyday technology. Drippler is a discovery app that helps users make their smart phones even smarter by providing daily tips about new features, apps, updates, accessories and much more.


Written by Usama Faiz
is a contributor at the TechJuice. He writes about Rooting Android Phones and Custom ROMS. Profile