3G/4G users in Pakistan just crossed 69 million mark

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The provision of 4G/LTE services in remote areas of Pakistan has made a significant increase in overall 3G/4G subscribers, as the number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan have reached 69.64 million by end-July 2019 compared to 68.93 million by end-June 2019, according to a report by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Meanwhile, the number of mobile phone users in Pakistan reached 161.24 million by end-July compared to 161.02 million by end-June, which registered an increase of 0.22 million during the period under review. The number of smartphones users is increasing in Pakistan due to the large influx of Chinese smartphones brands in the country.

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Total count of Jazz for 3G users stood at 12.912 million by end-July compared to 13.105 million by end-June, registering a decrease of 0.193 million. The number of Jazz 4G user jumped from 11.116 million by end-June to 11.782 million by end-July 2019. Zong 3G subscribers decreased from 8.513 million by end-June to 8.270 million by end-July while the number of 4G users jumped from 12.658 million by end-June to 12.794 million by end-July.

The number of 3G users of Telenor network decreased from 8.174 million by end-June to 8.128 million by end-July i.e. registering a decline of 0.046 million. The number of 4G users jumped from 6.461 million by end-June to 6.766 million by end-July 2019. Ufone 3G users decreased from 7.015 million by end-June to 6.968 million by end-July, registering a decline of 0.047 million. The number of 4G users of Ufone increased from 1.886 million to 2.016 million during this period. Teledensity for cellular mobile remained at 76.56 percent and broadband subscribers reached 71.71 million by end-July compared to 71.241 million by end-June.

Last but not least, PTA received 7,403 complaints from telecom consumers against different telecom operators including (cellular operators, PTCL, LDIs, WLL operators and ISPs) as of July 2019. According to the PTA data, Jazz (Mobilink + Warid) leads the chart with 2,359 complaints and Telenor stands at the second position as the most complained telecom operator with 1,583 complaints. The PTA said that it was able to get 7,396 complaints resolved i.e. 99.91 percent.

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