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4 Unknown Uses of Facebook Graph Search

Avatar Written by Mehreen Omer ·  1 min read >

And just when you thought stalking can not get an easier with the invention of social networking, Facebook introduced Graph Search to make it infinitely more interesting. Whether you want to find your love online or just want to network with like-minded people, Facebook Graph Search is the best answer there is on the web.

While Linkedin may be useful for finding your business contacts, Facebook Graph Search allows to find people who have similar interests like you; personally and professionally both. Because sometimes it is not the skills that matter, but the right type of personality.

Here is a list of things you can do;

  • You can search for people who went to the same college as you, have liked the same pages as you and currently work in the same field as you.
  • You can further filter them by their gender, relationship status, current city of residence and even whether they are friends of your friends or not. What more to ask?
  • You can refine your search by the type of religious and political views you are looking for.
  • Facebook Graph Search even indexes your status updates, comments, photo captions and check-ins.

While some may call this an invasion of privacy, this has also provided a lot of transparency and is particularly useful when conducting a background check before hiring a person. In such a situation, Facebook Graph Search provides them all the information they need to judge a person. Facebook is a database of people’s lives; all you need to do is search.

How is it different from Google Search?
While Google Search is the ultimate databank of everything that is public on the Internet, Facebook Graph Search digs in a lot deeper into the actual lives of its members and tells you of their likes and dislikes. And while Facebook Graph Search will never be able to replace Google Search since their objectives are completely different, it does, neverthless, complement Google by allowing us to explore the lifestyle of the people we are searching for.

And so while many would still like to complain that they are not finding the right partner or friend for themselves, Facebook Graph Search is lying under the dust begging to be used. After you have made the wise decision, let it do the trick for you.

Written by Mehreen Omer
The writer is a digital media scientist and a cultural critic. You can catch her on Twitter @mehreen_omer Profile