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5 Android Games you should give a try

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Android Games - Cut the Rope

I am an avid game player and Android Games are the best entertainment source I have with me. The list of games I usually play goes on and on but here are the few android games that are at the top of my list. These are puzzle and brain games to keep my mind fresh and active. You should also try them out.

Android Games - Cubes Vs. Spheres
Cubes Vs. Spheres

Cubes Vs. Spheres

Cubes vs. Spheres is still my favorite game. Developed by ShockPanda Games this is really hard. It came out a few months ago and it has managed a good position in Google Play. The game delivers an exquisite gaming experience. It’s basically a war between the cubes and the spheres. We are the Spheres and we have to attack the Cubes. The game provides different types of spheres that you can unlock after playing. It’s a great game to kill time.

The game is not too big. The levels are quite difficult it takes a few days to end the game and sadly they are not making new levels. The game is similar to Angry Birds. The Spheres have unique attacks, which work when you tap them but the interesting thing is Cubes can also fight back. Sounds exciting right well it is.

The game has two different modes. The first one, which I prefer, is that you target the spheres by physically moving your phone, which is very exciting. The second one is that you tap the screen for accurate targets.

I’ll give it a solid 4.5/5 ratings. Download it from here:

Android Games Angry Birds Friends
Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends

Another great game from the Rovio Mobile Ltd is the Angry Birds Friends. After the success of Angry Birds StarWars they have added some new features. This time you get to compete in tournaments. The gameplay is as same as the old parts but they have made some more tricky levels this time.

The best feature of the game is that it supports challenging your friends. You can score in a tournament and then challenge your friends online to compete with you. As always the game is free on android and of course there will be an ad free premium version but we have adblocker for that J this is my second favorite Angry Birds game after Angry Birds space.

Just like Temple Run this game has daily rewards and challenges. You can win Gold, Silver or Bronze trophies on your phone by wining tournaments and then you can show the trophies to your friends and brag about them as I love to do J You can also send gifts to your facebook friends from the game so its becoming a social franchise.

Tell us what you love about this game.

Download it from here:

Android Games Cut the Rope: Time Travel
Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Cut the Rope Time Travel

Zeptolab’ greatest game yet is the Cut the Rope Time Travel. Since the original cut the rope came out I have always been a fan. I love the gameplay of Cut the Rope. The game has really outdone itself. The levels are difficult and new levels are coming.

They have introduced many new features in the game based on the laws of physics. They added the ancestors of Om Nom (the candy monster) and this time you have to feed two monsters in each level. It becomes more exciting because there’s time control, portals, rockets and bombs in the game.

I got so much addicted to this game that I even started ignoring my texts on the phone while I was playing. The game is free for android and paid on iOS and it’s really worth the time.

Download it from here:


Android Games Flow Frenzy - Connect the lines
Flow Frenzy – Connect the lines

Flow Frenzy

You know the kind of games, which don’t have the best graphics but are still remarkable. Flow Frenzy is one those games. If you love mazes then this game will be worth your time. The gameplay is quite good. You have to connect the matching colors with lines to complete the maze.

The game is simple yet addictive. There’s a time trail mode in which you have to connect colors as fast as you can. If you get stuck in a level you can undo your moves and get hints but the hints are limited. I didn’t know that they were limited so I used all mine in the first few levels.

If you want to challenge your friends you can even make your own mazes to trick your them. So are you up for the challenge?

Download it from here:

Android Games 8 Ball Pool
8 ball Pool

8-ball Pool

Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool was already famous on the web. After so many requests from the fans even I sent one too, they finally decided to make an android version of the game. The game is just like the one on the web. It sets a round of pool with a random player online and you can play with your friend too.

The game gives many achievements you can post your achievements on facebook. The graphics are not the best but we still love it. The tournaments are very hard and some matches get so intense that you start to get frustrated by them. As you win matches you get credits and you can use these credits to compete in higher matches or buy accessories.

This game is so popular that it has now become the Worlds top pool game on Android.

Download it from here:

Tell us which game you mostly play on your android.

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