5 books you should read to become a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert

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Over the past few months, Blockchain and cryptocurrency have been on the news, mainly because of the sky-high prices of Bitcoin. These are the buzzwords that everyone seems to talk about these days. Both have been topic of discussions on social media, offices and over tea in cafes.

These terms are not just limited to profit and loss. Their applications go beyond all this in most fields of life. Blockchain and cryptocurrency can easily be regarded as the future of transactions. And many experts believe that cryptocurrency will replace money in a decade, if not sooner than that.

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Everyone today isn’t giving a second thought to investment in cryptocurrency. But one shouldn’t just invest blindly in cryptocurrency, because there’s a lot of science involved behind blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is necessary to know about it instead of just jumping into the world of cryptocurrency.

Here are few books that can become your step by step guide to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

1. The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Challenging the Global Economic Order by Paul Vigna, Michael J. Casey (2016)

This book serves as a guide to people who don’t understand the technicalities of cryptocurrency. The book gives a detailed background of cryptocurrency, how it came to being and the story of its origin. The book gives a summary of cryptocurrency, current players, the bootstrapping of Bitcoin, and its future scope.

The book is long and has well-researched facts about cryptocurrency up to 2014. The author of the book also talks about cultural and technological effects of blockchain technology.

2. Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos

This book starts with a brief history of Bitcoin, wallets, and mining. Then it is followed by details of the development of currency. The author covers all in this book including history, working points, the clients of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Mining and Consensus as well as Bitcoin Security.

If you read this book, you wouldn’t have to research more on the currency because it has just everything about cryptocurrency that one needs to learn to be an expert.

3. Blockchain Basics — A Non-Technical Introduction to 25 Steps by Daniel Drescher (2017)

The name of the book is enough to tell how it stands out among all the books on Blockchain. The book has all the information on blockchain and cryptocurrency divided and explained in 25 concise steps with all the pertinent details.

It has limited Mathematics and no complicated jargons that makes it easy to understand the book. There’s not much technical language involved as well so the book is also an easy catch for anyone who is just genuinely interested in learning about the book. However, giving a thorough read to it can make you a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert

4. Blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

Blockchain Revolution is an informative and concise read on how the blockchain can change the civilizations for good with its unlimited applications. The book talks about the broad scope of blockchain and how it can help a society prosper.

The book is all about the revolution cryptocurrency and blockchain can bring and talks about how important it is for the future of technology. This book lets you recognize the importance of cryptocurrency in this digital era.

5. Down the Rabbit Hole by Tim Lea

The book can guarantee you profit from cryptocurrency if it is read keenly. It is a very insightful read on how technological future will look like. The book is very easy to grasp because of the use of non-technical terms used by the author.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency are excellently simplified for people who don’t really know about the terms but wish to have expertise on them.