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5 ChatGPT Alternatives That Are Also Important To Talk About

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ChatGPT has become very popular among people across the world. People are very interested in using chatGPT in their daily routines. Whether we talk about the media field, education, technical departments, or technology.

ChatGPT performs very well in every area.
Microsoft, a leading tech organization h has also invested with OpenAI to incorporate chatGPT for multiple purposes.

Though chatGPT has its importance, we cannot deny that other AI tools are also very efficient and give accurate results.

Here we are enlisting five major AI tools that aren’t being talked about enough but still has its own capability.


Chat Sonic is an AI tool with voice recognition. Google integration, mobile app, and the ability to create artwork. However, it’s limited to 25 responses/day without premium subscriptions.

ChatSonic is trained and powered by Google search to chat with you on current events and trending topics.

Users can easily communicate with the chatGPT alternative by voice commands.

It helps in saving time compared with constantly writing out commands. Moreover, it allows a user to ask for the generation of digital images artistically created in various styles.


Bloom is an AI text generator with 46 natural and 13 programming languages.

It is specifically designed to study language and offer training for programmers. Result of collaboration by over 1,000 researchers, it can translate and solve math and can create codes.

Bloom is an open-access multilingual language model that co-gains 176 billion parameters. Bloom is a collaborative effort of more than 1,000 scientists and multiple hugging faces.

Bloom works on a transformer architecture composed of input embedding layers and 70 transformer blocks.

Character AI

Character AI is a language model that can work on personalities in conversations. It can mimic the traits of different individuals for writing and chat use. Users can search for a desired character to fit their conversation needs. It is solely by artificial intelligence. The platform is specifically on neural language models and created by AI technology.

Moreover, users can create characters and craft their personalities by setting specific parameters. Later, they can publish their feelings to the community for others to chat with.

People Amy publish the characters on fictional media sources or celebrities.


Google’s LAmDa, a Language Model for Dialogue Application, is a conversational AI technology with rich text and idea generation. It was a part of the AI Test Kitchen in 2022. Google engineer Blake Lemoine suggests it may have “come to life.”

ELSA Speak

ELSA speaks an English speakings application that helps businesses utilize AI-based tools to recognize speech. ELSA Speak helps in improving English pronunciation with adaptive learning real-time feedback. In addition, a report of a 90% improvement in accent and a 95% in the case in confidence. Twenty-seven hours of use equals an ESL speaking course. It is an efficient AI tool with different subscription plans.

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