5 million farmers in Punjab will be given smartphones for better yields

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Farmers in Punjab will have access to latest technology through smartphones given to them by the government of Punjab. The technology incorporation will help these farmers get better yields and secure their crops from weeds. The circulating reports suggest that as much as 5 million farmers will get the low-cost smartphones.

Through these smartphone, farmers will be in contact with experts who will continue to push updates for betterment of crops. In addition, basic updates about weather, weeds, and pesticides will also be shared. The biggest advantage of these smartphones is access to funds that can be sent back and forth through mobile financial services. These mobile banks are prevalent in many areas where people are doing very small amount transactions. So, with these smartphones, each farmer will have a full-fledged bank in hand.

Chairman of Punjab Information Technology, Umar Saif while speaking to GEO said, “Mobile money will be transferred to their smartphone where the farmers will be able to directly avail that money by withdrawing it through any mobile agent.” He added, “Through this method, we are eliminating any chances of corruption.”

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