5 thoughts you have when your Internet is too slow!

Written by Ammara Saleem ·  38 sec read >

Waking up one beautiful morning to check your phone and finding out your internet is too slow is the worst feeling you ever had! Probably even worse than seeing Kamran Akmal dropping the catch in the PSL final.

When it does not get fixed even after cursing the service provider or switching the router off and then on again, you realize that now things are getting serious!

Here are five thoughts you have when your internet speed is too low:

Did my mom’s countless prayers to God to have my internet stop working finally got answered?



Finally, I can stop wasting time and work on the startup idea that I have!



 Shall I change my Wi-Fi connection?



Why not simply go back to sleep till this gets fixed on its own?



 They have no idea how far I can go to get back at them. I will write a bad review about them and post it on my wall to ruin this company forever!



Written by Ammara Saleem
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