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How To Increase The Time To Unsend An Email On Gmail

When you send an email on Gmail, you may have noticed that a small temporary popup comes that gives...

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Aug 7 ·>

Comparing 5 of the best freelance platforms in 2021

Freelancing in Pakistan has never been as popular as it is right now. Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic...

May 17 ·>

Freelancing 101: How to start freelancing

The fact that you’re reading these words right now means that you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “freelancing” quite a...

May 12 ·>

How to boost gaming performance on your Android phone

Few things in life are quite as frustrating as a lag during a gaming session on your Android smartphone....

May 10 ·>

How to recover your hacked Gmail account and increase its security

Google’s Gmail is one of the most widely used ways of online communication with over 1 billion monthly active...

May 21 ·>

5 thoughts you have when your Internet is too slow!

Waking up one beautiful morning to check your phone and finding out your internet is too slow is the...

Apr 5 ·>

How to restore your WhatsApp account if you have lost your phone

Losing a smartphone today could be deemed as your worst nightmare, with all your data and lovely apps in...

Feb 19 ·>

This is how you ditch irrelevant garbage on Facebook to see important/local stories

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerburg recently announced that Facebook is making big changes in its news feed by making it...

Jan 13 ·>

Here’s how you can get more work done in less time

Aren’t we all seeking a solution to the age-old problem of how to get more work done in less...

Nov 29 ·>

These are the most asked “how to” questions on Google

Google has released top 10 searches for the most asked “how to” questions and the list is pretty interesting,...

Sep 5 ·>
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