6 ways Galaxy Note 9 puts iPhone X to shame

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has finally been officially unveiled at a dedicated grand event in New York.[date] Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is official, we can easily compare it with the Apple’s iPhone X and see which phone will be a better investment.

1. Pricing

Pricing is the make or break deal for a lot of consumers. Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s base model of 128GB storage costs $999 whereas iPhone X 64GB storage model costs $999. Not only this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is offering a 512GB storage variant as well just for $1250 whereas, iPhone X 256GB storage model costs $1250.

This is a steep difference in pricing Note 9 is giving double storage capacity for the same price as iPhone X bigger storage variant. To add to that, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has an expandable memory too, giving you the freedom to save as many photos, videos or any media content of your liking.
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2. RAM & Battery

In the specifications department, Galaxy Note 9 is easily superior to iPhone X. Let’s compare some of the specifications in the following table.
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3. Storage Capacity

iPhone X comes with 64GB and 256GB models only. Whereas, Note 9 comes with 128GB and 512GB models in the same price tag. Added to that is the expandable memory option too.

With iPhone X, you can only avail the reserved memory and there is no option to expand memory whatsoever.

4. Headphone Jack and Screen Size

Apple might have made a courageous move of removing headphone jack from iPhone X but it has resulted in consumers buying a barrage of cables and converters to use their old headphones with their mobiles.

Thankfully Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a headphone jack, so you are not expected to manage any extra cable, any headphone with a jack will work perfectly fine with your Note 9.

In the screens compartment, we all know how some people were anticipating iPhone X Plus variant as well. Yet Apple went ahead and launched a single version only. iPhone X supports a 5.8-inch screen which is not very small but by today’s standards, a little bigger screen would have pleased a lot more customers.

Galaxy Note 9, on the other hand, comes with a 6.4-inch screen, it is a sweet spot for people using their smartphones for taking notes, creative work and reading.

5. Superior Camera

Although DXOMARK – the standard for smartphone camera quality, has not revealed the score for Galaxy Note 9 but on paper, it easily beats iPhone X.

Galaxy Note 9 comes with 8 MP front camera, whereas, iPhone X has a 7 MP. On the rear end, both the phones have dual cameras of 12 MPs. So we will have to wait and see if Galaxy Note 9 triumphs iPhone X or not.

6. Dual Sim & S-Pen

Galaxy Note 9 has a dual sim variant which is very helpful for frequent travelers or people who manage 2 sims for any reason whatsoever. Note 9 comes with an S-Pen as well.

iPhone X, on the other hand, has no slot for dual sim and has no S-Pen. If you have a secondary sim, you will have to buy another iPhone X and it means the hassle of managing two smartphones.

Now that we have mentioned how Note 9 is a supreme device, you can decide if Note 9 is the smartphone you would like to own or not.