6 easy steps to clean your Android phone from virus

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April 7, 2018
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We all know that Android smartphones are prone to viruses and malware. Just because you have a new, fancy Android smartphone, doesn’t mean it is immune from viruses. So, if your phone starts acting out of the ordinary and you suspect a virus is responsible for it, it is time to take the following steps.

How to remove the virus:

1- Turn safe mode on

To do this, access the power-off options by pressing the power button, then press and hold Power Off. This gives you the option to restart in safe mode.

2- Search for the infected app

You can do this by opening Settings and then open the Apps tab. Once you’ve done this, be sure you’re looking at the Download tab (since the virus can only be something you’ve downloaded), and then start searching for the suspected app.

3- Uninstall the app

Yes, it’s really that simple. Just click on the suspected app and uninstall it.

What if the name of the virus is greyed out? In such case, do these three steps to make your phone virus free.

4- Remove Administrator Status

Do this by tapping on Settings and Security, then Device Administrators. Simply uncheck the infected app and hit Deactivate on the next screen.

5- Uninstall the app from Apps menu

Now when you return to the Apps menu, the infected app will no longer be grayed out. Simply uninstall it again.

6- Restart your device

This takes it out of safe mode. Now your phone will be virus-free.

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