6 Million iPhone X units sold in Black Friday, Analysts

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Analysts are claiming that Apple had a great Black Friday this year with almost 6 Million iPhone X units sold on the sale event. This means 17 iPhone X units were sold every second. This is a huge deal for Apple. Apple has not officially revealed any sales figures.

Rosenblatt China Technology analyst, Jun Zhang, said that Apple has sold over 15 million iPhone X units so far when we take into account the Black Friday Sales as well. Buyers are preferring the 256GB model of iPhone X over the iPhone X 64 GB model thereby increasing the gross margin of Apple.

It is estimated that the Cupertino technology giant will be shipping almost 30 million iPhone X units in December. iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone variant of Apple and there was an air of uncertainty on its launch that whether the consumers will be ready to dish out 1,000 dollars for buying an iPhone. It seemed that Apple was right and the price point of iPhone X has not turned out to be a big issue for Apple iPhone buyers.

iPhone X went out of stock just a few minutes after it went live for pre-orders. Most of the variants of iPhone X were out of stock and there were a lot of unhappy buyers at that time. Similar things were noticed at Korea, the home of Samsung, where iPhone X went out of stock just 3 minutes after it went live.

iPhone X is also the first bezel-less phone from Apple which has been deeply appreciated for its design aesthetics, Animoji, Super Retina Display and Face ID features. In 2018, Apple is speculated to launch a bigger variant of iPhone X as well to compete directly with Note 8 of Samsung.

Written by TechJuice
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