7 Cryptocurrencies That Can Rule The Market In 2022

Written by Techjuice Team ·  2 min read >
Crypto Currency

In recent years you must have heard about cryptocurrencies and how they can change lives within a matter of days. How many people from the street bought a ton of cheap coins and were millionaires a year later. Listening to all these stories, everyone thinks about investing themselves in this mind-wracking scheme for a change that sounds too good to be true.

You always want to participate in this vicious circle of crypto but have no clue where to begin. So here is the end of all your spar: following is the list of cryptocurrencies that ought to do good in upcoming times.

Binance Coin – BNB

The current price of a Binance Coin (BNB) is 242.2 dollars, with a market capitalization of 39.19 billion dollars. It is expected to become the next Bitcoin as the price can reach a maximum of 1,100$ by 2025. Binance has an excellent record; it was released five years ago at 7 dollars and has proved beneficial for its early holders.

Polkadot – DOT

With a market capitalization of 6.53 billion dollars, Polkadot is another very good crypto investing option for the upcoming years. Today, the price of a Polkadot is 6.6 dollars, revolving around 7 dollars for a long time. But predictions suggest that it will reach a price of 30-40$ by 2025 with an almost increase of about 300%. Polkadot is one of the more stable coins of the lot, so it can be proved to be a good option for long time investment.

Bitcoin – BTC

If you don’t live under a stone, you must have heard about Bitcoin or BNB. This was the first-ever successful blockchain currency founded in 2009. Like many other industries, the crypto industry faced catastrophic circumstances, and Bitcoin dropped almost 300% last year. Its current price is 21,136.20 USDT.

But in no way is Bitcoin a failure as it is predicted to rise again and will be worth more than ever in upcoming years. With a total market capitalization of 17.94 billion dollars, Bitcoin’s price will touch 100,000 USD by the year 2025, according to many crypto experts. According to one hypothesis, Bitcoin will increase a crazy 1500% by 2030.

So even if you have not yet entered the market of BTC, you are still not too late to dive in.

Cardano – ADA

Cardona is another one of the more stable coins, also founded in 2017 with a price of 0.02 dollars, and now it’s worth around 0.4$. It’s a small value coin with a market capitalization of around 15 billion dollars, with more than 33 billion coins issued yet. Cardano (ADA) can be worth around 4-5$ by 2025, with an increased value of 1000%.

Ethereum – ETH

Ethereum is the biggest market capitalized coin with a total market value of 169.41 billion dollars. The current price of Ethereum is 1400 USDT, which fluctuates in a matter of hours. Ethereum is probably the most unstable coin, but its price has consistently increased in the long run. And the chances of it crashing are negligible. The predicted cost of Ether is 7000-8000 USDT. It has one of the most raised prices along with Bitcoin, as it was worth 0.31 USDT at the time of release, and it will most probably keep growing.

Solana – SOL

Solana is another volatile blockchain currency whose price varies in a matter of hours. Currently, the cost of Solana revolves around 35-40 USDT, and approximately 350 million tokens are circulating in the market. It may be a volatile coin, but like Ethereum, its long-run game is entirely risk-free as the initial price was 0.04 USDT, reaching around 400 USDT in 2025.

Decentraland – MANA

Decentraland is a Virtual Reality platform powered by the blockchain of Ethereum(BTC). This browser-based coin is amongst the latest cryptocurrencies; it was released in 2020. Its lowest price was during the release days, which was about 0.01$, but now it has increased up to 0.8 USDT. Decentraland (MANA) is bound to reach a price of 10-12 USDT by 2025. Again this is currently a low-value coin that holds wonders for the future.