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77% tech professionals looking for new jobs in 2021, a report reveals

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Around 77% of technology professionals will voluntarily leave their current jobs and look for new ones in 2021, according to a Michael Page Talent 2021 report. Lack of growth opportunities, the potential for higher pay and better benefits, and underutilized skills are some of the factors that would prompt these professionals to leave their jobs, the report said.

IT companies have employed various talent attraction strategies such as competitive remuneration and benefits packages, remote/flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, and constant technology advancement to retain talent and minimize attrition levels.

“Tech professionals are currently in great demand. Hence, it is pertinent for employers to consider remote and hybrid working models to expand the candidate pool to attract the best talent,” the report said.

Skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning will be in high demand as there has been high adoption and migration to the cloud across public, private, and hybrid models. Larger organizations are building capabilities in automation and digital transformation, focusing on Industry 4.0 in manufacturing setups.

The report said the sector’s average salaries would increase 15-25% from what is currently drawn. Cloud architects, full-stack engineers, and head of engineering roles are among the most popular.

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Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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