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9 Funny Reactions from Users who are able to access Youtube without proxy

Sadia Arshad Written by Sadia Arshad · 34 sec read>
Youtube Unblocked In Pakistan

Since that fateful day when the ban was imposed, Youtube and Pakistanis have had an interesting, mostly short-lived, relationship. The emotionally-exhausting, bumpy (and misleading) kind. Thanks to underwater currents in Egypt, yes you read that correct, this relationship has rekindled yet again.

Here’s how Pakistanis welcomed the news of YouTube’s (temporary) ban uplift on Twitter:

1.Some reacted with utter disbelief and questioned their mortal existence.

Tweet 1

2. Um, in retrospect, it WAS too good to be true. #ChotiAurArziKhushyan

Tweet 2

3.Others wasted no time and instantly seized the opportunity for some brand advertisement.

Tweet 3



5.Only #BecausePTCLCares.

tweet 9

6.Heart-felt and rare gratitude for PTCL’s equally rare benefits.

4 (2)

7.Underwater cable breakage FTW! Can it happen every day?


8.While some were more skeptical (and sensible) and saw the truth for what it is,


9….some just wanted a chocolate.


Somebody please dangle a chocolate in front of this kid? Make sure you snatch it away just when he thinks it’s his to savor. #YouTubePakistanRelationship #HowPTCLRolls

Written by Sadia Arshad
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