This Pakistani startup, ParlorBuzz, is going to be helpful for many women

Sadia Arshad • May 26, 2015
Women Leaders

Women outperform men…yet again

Sadia Arshad • May 13, 2015
Barbara Beskind

The 91 year old woman who showed the world why age is just another number

Sadia Arshad • May 3, 2015
Pray for Nepal_1

LINE Releases “Pray for Nepal” Charity Stickers To Aid Victims of Nepal Earthquake

Sadia Arshad • April 30, 2015

Facebook’s New Suicide Prevention Tool: Can this really work?

Sadia Arshad • March 11, 2015
Social Innovation Mela

An event you shouldn’t miss: Social Innovation Mela Lahore

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What #TheDress Helped Us Discover

Sadia Arshad • March 5, 2015

How people are misusing Islam on facebook and other social networks

Sadia Arshad • March 3, 2015

Tsu Promises to Pay Users for Posts

Sadia Arshad • March 2, 2015
Youtube Unblocked In Pakistan

9 Funny Reactions from Users who are able to access Youtube without proxy

Sadia Arshad • February 27, 2015

Facebook profile pictures are visible to anyone, no matter what you do!

Sadia Arshad • February 26, 2015
Muslim Face

Muslim Face: A new social media website with socially and religiously responsible content

Sadia Arshad • February 25, 2015

At THIS. platform, each user can share just one link a day

Sadia Arshad • February 24, 2015

“Call me crazy, but I don’t really care what happens to my facebook profile after I die.”

Sadia Arshad • February 21, 2015