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Women outperform men…yet again

Since the beginning of civilization and perhaps even prior to that, men and women have quarreled over…well, everything. And...

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May 13 · >

Crystal Knows: A creepy app that stalks users to deliver personalized communication

It is finally here. There is an app that is taking stalking to another level. CrystalKnows is a communication...

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May 4 · >

The 91 year old woman who showed the world why age is just another number

I think we have all been through phase(s) in life where we regretfully tell ourselves that it is too...

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May 3 · >

LINE Releases “Pray for Nepal” Charity Stickers To Aid Victims of Nepal Earthquake

It has been five days since that fateful earthquake that shook Nepal to its core took place. As of...

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Apr 30 · >

Facebook’s New Suicide Prevention Tool: Can this really work?

Like most innovations, this one too has an inspiration behind it. Now the manager of Forefront, Stephen Paul Miller,...

Mar 11 · >

An event you shouldn’t miss: Social Innovation Mela Lahore

Technology may be advancing at an alarming rate but social dilemmas continue to haunt the lives of many people...

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Mar 11 · >

What #TheDress Helped Us Discover

I thought I’d write something about the dress that allegedly ‘broke’ the internet that very fateful day it made...

Mar 5 · >

How people are misusing Islam on facebook and other social networks

For all the sentiments it arouses, there is perhaps no other social institution that can surpass the magnetic power...

Mar 3 · >

Tsu Promises to Pay Users for Posts

Considering the emphasis placed on social media by almost every worldly institution, ranging from the booming tech industry and...

Mar 2 · >

9 Funny Reactions from Users who are able to access Youtube without proxy

Since that fateful day when the ban was imposed, Youtube and Pakistanis have had an interesting, mostly short-lived, relationship....

Feb 27 · >

Facebook profile pictures are visible to anyone, no matter what you do!

For all the stalkers out there, there’s good news. But given your stalking tendencies, I’m sure you are already...

Feb 26 · >

Muslim Face: A new social media website with socially and religiously responsible content

In the aftermath of the frequent tussle between Western and Islamic perceptions of freedom of expression, the unfortunate Charlie...

Feb 25 · >