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A look at how Arpatech is transforming Pakistani IT Industry

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We keep on hearing about the ever-growing US Silicon Valley, or the newly booming Indian Bangalore industry, but what hardly gets noticed is the emergence of the Pakistani IT industry.

Today, the nascent-yet-vibrant IT industry of Pakistan accounts for major foreign trade. The Pakistan Software Export Board alone accounted export of USD 2 Billion for the fiscal year 2014-2015 while the local sales were noted to be around USD 300 Million. Most of the credit for the surge in revenues can be associated to eased taxes and introduction of broader information spectrum of 3G and 4G.

A new wave of innovative startups

Pakistani startup and venture companies have simultaneously shown mushroom growth, impressing both local and foreign investors.

Then there are the likes of Sheops, a women-only-marketplace, which brings a completely new dimension to the IT industry. It’s also presenting women entrepreneur a chance to explore local markets and is powered by Arpatech Technology, an established name in the field of information technology.

Arpatech Technology Ventures (ATV) is part of a growing league of companies that offer capital and human resources to young startups / ventures. Nest I/O and DotZero are just some of the technology incubators pampering fresh and dynamic ideas.

A startup for every field

From online grocery stores to medical appliances, startups these days have taken businesses in all direction. Arpatech Technology powered TazaMart which, in a very short span of time, has been able to garner customer trust. While the quality of fruits and vegetables have become a primary concern for Pakistanis, the fast-paced life makes it quite a hectic effort to buy daily grocery items. TazaMart brings you the ease of shopping from the comfort of your couch and gets your order delivered right on your doorstep.

Alongside TazaMart, another of Arpatech Technology Venture, promises you online shopping from appliances to apparel. The platform brings genuine and branded products on amazing discounted prices. You can even have your orders returned without providing any excuses. These initiatives by ATV highlight the potential and dimension that venture companies have brought in Pakistan’s IT industry. From ease and comfort to challenging social norms, the sector has helped the common Pakistani.

Ventures like Cielo WiGle Inc, ClubInternet, and Rava simply bring new flavors to the existing market. Be it international recognition by social giants like Facebook or be it securing capital, these technology companies provide both innovation and social construction. is a video curation website that wishes to cultivate a culture of legal content sharing and curating on the internet. The venture has recently launched live news feed of multiple leading English and Urdu news channels. Likewise, Medonline’s feature of regular deliveries helps patients suffering from Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and other prolonged diseases to get regular deliveries without reordering.

Internet, an opportunity for everyone

We can safely predict a flourishing future of the IT sector as these young startups keep on making impressive growth. Coupled with traditional software companies, the technology ventures are expected to take the industry to new heights. With immense potential in the technology sector, a fact that is proven by the existence of over 30 million internet users, we are looking upon a ripened environment in the coming times.

Written by Brand Voice
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