A man gets 13-year jail sentence for posting sectarian content on social media

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Sectarian and religious violence is not only limited to specific areas of Pakistan, the whole country is burning in the fire of sectarianism, people kill each other on the basis of sectarian and religious differences.

Social media is another tool people are using to propagate their harmful sectarian ideas. Last month, Police arrested a man named Imran in a raid at a house in Mohallah Hussaini, Sargodha. It was revealed that he was posting galling sectarian material on social media.

After being convicted ATC ordered that the man will serve 13 years in jail, the judge Tariq Mehmood also imposed a fine of Rs250,000.

This is not the first case that a man gets a jail sentence for posting harmful content on social media. Previously, a man from Peshawar also gets a 12-year jail sentence for harassing a woman on social site.

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Online abuse is rising not only in Pakistan but across the globe. Hate crimes in America and India are also rising due to people posting provocative material regarding someone else’s religion and race.

The Federal Investigation Department of Pakistan has recently arrested a woman from Sialkot for blackmailing a man on social media and is also in action against people who are posting comments against Islam and military establishment. A social media user has been given the death sentence for posting blasphemous content on social media.

It would be worth mentioning here that in efforts to curb the spread of online blasphemous content, Chaudhry Nisar has threatened to block Facebook in the country. Moreover, Interior Minister, Chaudhary Nisar met with Facebook’s VP for Global Public Policy, Joel Kaplan, to discuss the removal of blasphemous content from Facebook.