YouTube will now notify creators when their videos are stolen

YouTube is now bringing a tool that will help creators to prevent their content from stealing. On 11th July...

Jul 12 ·>

PTA to deploy “national firewall” to block sensitive content in Pakistan

Even without a chairman, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is still in action to make things better. Recently, it has...

Feb 21 ·>

YouTube will punish channels creating offensive videos

YouTube is further expanding the crackdown on the channels which are violating its policies. After the removal of 150,000...

Feb 10 ·>

Pakistan Govt. requests for restricting content on Facebook have increased, report reveals

Facebook has announced the Government Data request report for first part of the year 2017 from January to June....

Dec 19 ·>
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Youtube apologizes for improper autocomplete results in its search bar

Youtube has been under questions for providing questionable content for its Youtube Kids platform, and now it seems like...

Nov 28 ·>
In the wake of Las Vegas shooting, YouTube is now removing videos which are showing how to fire weapons faster by installing some devices on their weapons.

Four men arrested for uploading blasphemous content on social media

Just a few months back a man from Lahore was granted a death sentence by anti-terrorism court for sharing...

Sep 13 ·>

YouTube to suppress controversial content

Controversial and extremist content have been increasing on social media platforms, while social sites are doing everything to curb...

Aug 3 ·>

YouTube has a way to counter terrorism

Less time has passed since the video-sharing giant YouTube rolled out its strategy to find and filter out terrorist...

Jul 22 ·>

A man gets 13-year jail sentence for posting sectarian content on social media

Sectarian and religious violence is not only limited to specific areas of Pakistan, the whole country is burning in...

Jul 14 ·>

YouTube revises its approach against the extremist content

YouTube has outlined four major steps that it will be taking to ensure that extremist content does not see...

Jun 19 ·>