Abu Dhabi based HOPE Consortium Aiming To Supply COVID-19 To Vaccines To Pakistan

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For quite a while there has been a shortage of vaccines in Pakistan, however, the respective authorities are in communication with numerous countries in order to provide new vaccine dose to nearly 80 million citizens in Pakistan. In this regard, the Abu Dhabi-based HOPE consortium has agreed to supply vaccines to the country.

Moreover, Dr. Omar Najim who serves as the Executive Director Department of Health in Abu Dhabi stated that the HOPE consortium is working closely with the Pakistani authorities in order to inoculate vaccine doses in mass numbers. This is due to the fact that Pakistan has used up the majority of the vaccination at major hospitals and centers.

So far numerous suppliers across Pakistan have administered 20 million doses while the plan was to reach 100 million people by July 2022. This could be a far-fetched goal if the vaccination centers throughout the country are dried up of supplies. This shortage is said to be due to a lack of coordination and vaccination process. This further extends to temperature, storage, and overall capacity.

Presently the country requires 2 billion doses more with the ability to store the doses in thousands number in numerous facilities. Hence, this is where HOPE comes in, where proper technical support will be provided and a proper end-to-end supply chain of vaccine doses whilst in collaboration with local and global partners.

It is to be noted that Pakistan is not the only country that the HOPE Consortium has supported as the consortium handled all vaccine doses across the MENA region, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Written by Usman Aslam
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