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Twitter Service Down Across Pakistan

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >


The services went down at 8:00 pm when the PTI leaders announced the protestors to come out and protest. This all happened after the Rangers arrested the PTI chairman Imran Khan.

Additionally, it is essential to mention here that, at times, the services of Twitter can be globally disrupted. At the same time, the current outage seems restricted to Pakistan only.

The relevant sources have commented that the step was taken for security reasons. As we know, protests are erupting nationwide as people are very offensive and showing their anger in such a way.

Mobile data services in the country are blocked. Interior Minister has ordered to suspend all social media platforms and services across the country.

However, Pakistan’s army plays a significant role in politics, sometimes seizing powers in military coups and others, pulling levers behind the scenes.

Moreover, Twitter footage revealed a crowd breaking into a military corps commander’s house and destroying furniture and belongings inside.

Antony Blinken, the US secretary of State, wanted to ensure that “whatever happens in Pakistan is consistent with the rule of law, with the constitution.”
James Cleverly, UK foreign secretary, also said that ” Britain enjoyed “a longstanding and close relationship” with “commonwealth member Pakistan’ and is willing to see the rule of law adhered to.”

As we know, Twitter is the most authentic and reliable source of transferring information. Not only this, all media persons, bureaucrats, and other professionals love to connect on Twitter.

In addition, not only from Pakistan but people across the world are connected through this platform. Therefore, the Interior Ministry has ordered to suspend the services at the earliest to avoid the massive disruptions.

As per the government officials, the step has been taken to save the country due to security reasons. Outage tracking website Downdetector. Pk also showed a significant spike in complaints on multiple social media platforms.

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook saw disruption in services after 8 pm on Tuesday. At the same time, the Twitter website showed an error message.
Alas, the development comes at a crucial time for the country, which is seeing a more significant protest against Imran’s arrest, with PTI supporters and party workers coming to the streets in response to the authority’s move.

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