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An Indian Founded American Startup Launches A Chatbot Similiar To ChatGPT

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

A US-based has worked on chatGPT like IT Services Management (ITSM) chatbot. The intelligent chatbot can quickly browse various documents, including manuals and IT help desk websites.

In addition, it can also provide immediate employee support and personalized experience with relevant and precise solutions., a famous AI-powered employee service desk, has announced the stage arrival of its brilliant ChatGPT IT Service Management (ITSM) chatbot.

The company’s aim behind the invention is to transform how organizations manage their enterprise knowledge base. However, the objective is to deliver accurate, data-driven responses to employee issues within Microsoft Teams.


The high-tech enables the chatbot to quickly search several documents, including help desk websites and manuals, to learn from their content.

Founded by Manish Sharma, Udaya Bhaskar Reddy, and Saurabh Kumar, is an innovative, efficient AI-power-based model that facilitates enterprises to empower their employees productively by providing personalized support using the power of conversational AI and advanced automation.

The company has created a tool that helps employees by offering various advanced features within Microsoft Teams. The features include an intelligent chatbot, easy automation engine, no code automation studio, generative AI, desktop automation and In-built live chat in MS Teams.

Manish Sharma says,” Trained on millions of IT knowledge articles, this robust AI-powered feature can read and understand a wide range of enterprise knowledge documents. Including specific SharePoint folders, customer support FAQs, employee handbooks, technical manuals, SOP documents, past ticket history, and troubleshooting guides”.

Likewise, CEO Kumar also stated that “the advanced AI-powered ITSM chatbot can create tickets, automate tasks and orchestrate complex, time-consuming processes”.

In addition, he also said that “with this new feature, we are taking a huge leap forward in providing instant and accurate support to employees. Enabling them to focus on their core responsibilities and improve overall productivity”.

However, he also stated, “ eliminates the need to create knowledge manually. Simply update the relevant document, and you are good to go. It’s that simple”.

Employees feel comfortable and confident as the new chatbot can solve up to 65% of their issues using process, task, knowledge, and desktop automation.

Indeed, it’s an advantage for employees to use the intelligent chatbot and get answers to their queries in just a few clicks.

Hence, employees can utilize the chatbot to create new incidents/service requests, check the status of existing tickets or accomplish repetitive tasks or procedures by interacting with with Microsoft Teams.

The chatbot was explicitly created by considering employees’ satisfaction and productivity. Employees can benefit as much as possible as the intelligent chatbot can perform smartly in either Way.

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