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Pocket - Android App
Pocket – Android App

I spend all of my day on internet reading articles, latest news, taking tutorials, watching videos and some other random stuff. When you are multitasking and doing a lot of things in one go. There are fair chances of missing the content that is important.
For example, I have always opened a lot of different websites in different tabs and when the number of tabs increases so much that the web space looks cluttered. I flush them off and lose a lot of websites links that are usually important.
It also happens once in a while that I am skimming articles from Magazines on different applications on my mobile; I find an article that looks interesting but can’t read it that moment. An important piece of information lost!!

Our application suggestion today is for all those who don’t want this to happen to them. Pocket (formerly Read It Later) is a simple solution for this problem. You want to read an article later simple put it in the Pocket and Bamm! The information is stored that you can access easily later.
Pocket has a desktop application and mobile versions for Android, IOS, and Windows Phone so you can easily manage what you have in your Pocket via your Cell Phone or Desktop. I am using the Chrome Extension of Pocket as Chrome is my default browser. Whenever, I come across content that I want to look into later, I instantaneously put it in the pocket, and that I most of the time I access on my Android Phone.

Pocket has really made my life easier. 🙂

Pocket app has a very beautiful and to the point interface. On the home screen you get to see all the items that are in your pocket. There are options to filter the content by Articles, Videos and Images- So don’t worry your pocket will not get messy. The application has two themes – Dark and White. I liked the Default White theme more but you can change it according to your mood.

There are other general settings that each application has about the notifications, sounds etc. that you would understand easily.
So what are you waiting for go ahead and download this app. Do tell me in the comments sections whether you liked the application or not ! 🙂


Written by Fatima Rizwan
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