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Top 10 Android Applications by Pakistani Developers

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  3 min read >

Pakistanis are striding ahead in many fields but IT crowd in Pakistan has grown prominent in the past few years. The whole world is slowly realizing the immense potential of the nation. We are proud to present some of the best Android applications that the PlayStore holds but these are not just any applications, these have been developed by our very own Pakistani Developers. Without further ado let’s get started with with 10 top android applications by Pakistani Developers, in no particular order!

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1. Intellistats


Curious how statistics can be made interesting? Intellistats has done the job. The application is simple: it allows you to understand your smart phone usage including the phone calls, SMS and mobile data. Once you understand your patterns, you are able to make smarter decisions regarding your data plans and packages. The stats are provided in a visually arresting simplistic UI with the help of graphs and pie charts. It is a good design and a great application to have on your phone.

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2. Groopic


This application hardly needs an introduction but if you still don’t know, Groopic allows the photographer to feature in the picture himself/herself by taking two separate pictures. The application then intelligently merges them to form a perfect snap. The good news is that this viral application is finally available on the Android store and if you haven’t downloaded it already, you should!

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3. AllSecure


Although it is still in Beta mode, AllSecure is an application worth trying. With features like Anti-theft and phone locator, AllSecure packs a strong punch, giving users the whole security solution with a single app.  Use it to locate your phone or ring an alarm on your device to find it quickly. It can also store a backup of your data. For a better security solution, you can upgrade to the paid version.

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4. Hoodere


Life is fast paced and there is little time to sit and make plans with friends. More often than not, somebody has got a commitment and can’t make it. Eventually you just give up trying to find the perfect day to meet up or hangout. Now you can delegate the task to Hoodere and let the application take care of planning. It alerts you about what your friends are planning and allows you to generate plans to suit everyone, including yourself. Find out the friends around you and see what they are doing. Plan with Hoodere so your friends can know what you are upto and find more time to be with those you love.

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5. Olaround


Olaround is a popular location-based reward earning service and if you haven’t been using it, you have been missing out alot. Olaround has partner venues which range from restaurants to shopping places. Using this application you can find out the retail outlets nearby and get instant discounts. Who doesn’t like a discount, eh? You can also find out what your friends are doing and can check in to new places using the application. It is interactive, fun and easy to use.

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6. TossDown


TossDown is one of the best databases of Pakistani restaurants all over the country, including their addresses, menus, special offers and customer reviews. For a nation that truly loves food, TossDown is a must have smartphone application. You can discover great places, avoid the horrible ones using customer reviews and have great dining out experiences. Follow people with similar taste and find out about their culinary journey across the cities or leave your own reviews about a place to help people out. TossDown even offers you special discounts at certain places!

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7. SMSAll Messenger

smsall messenger

The current number of downloads are small but don’t let that deceive you. This is a top of line application developed specifically to suit the needs of Pakistanis. Unlike any other dedicated messaging application that you might be using on your smartphones, SMSAll appreciates the fact that there is still a large majority of feature phone users in the country. Even those who own smartphones often experience lack of connectivity thanks to power cuts and high mobile internet cost. It accommodates everyone: install the application and send a free message to any number across Pakistan, even to those who don’t have a smartphone. What’s more it allows you to chat in public forums using hashtags to find like-minded people while still keeping your phone number private! With major clients like Oxford University Press and PM Youth Program, it is only a matter of time before this application gets the recognition it deserves.

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8. Toffee TV


Ever complained about the lack of interesting educational stories for children in Urdu? You’re not the only one. Over the years, Urdu Language has taken a low priority for some teachers and parents while others feel stuck because of the inadequate resources available. Next Generation Innovations has taken a small step to remedy the problem. Toffee TV is a modern Cassette Kahani, a treasure trove of some of the best Urdu stories with illustrations that will hook your child’s interest. The application also includes fun activities and an Arts & Crafts section. The trial version available in the playstore will allow you to try 3 videos but you can buy the application for unlimited downloads. Toffee TV is a creative solution, one that addresses the need of parents and children today.

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GPRS based applications are highly popular all over the world because they are convenient. Chalo is a tailored GPRS based application for Pakistan that features hundreds of points of interest, allowing you to navigate quickly from one place to another. From restaurants to CNG stations, from ATMS to house addresses, this android applications does it all for you. You can even share the location with friends and family using the social networks and maintain a list of favorites for easier access.

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LocPro is a simple application that lets you control your gallery access by detecting your location. You don’t have to worry about colleagues accessing your private photos or relatives accidently finding them when using your mobile phone because LocPro locks the photos based on your phone location. The application also allows you to set reminders using location whereby it can alert you of you are at a certain place. The application is smart and a perfect privacy solution for your photos.

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Written by Qurat Zafar
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