Android Islamic Apps for Ramadan

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Android Islamic Apps

Happy Ramadan Everyone, we wish and pray from the bottom of our heart that you all have a blessed and prosperous holy month.

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, improvement, increased devotion and worship. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam specifically in this holy month. The act of fasting is said to redirect the heart away from worldly activities, its purpose being to cleanse the soul by freeing it from harmful impurities.

We have gathered a list of  beautiful and very useful Android Islamic apps that will make your Ramadan a lot more productive and you will feel closer to God.

1- Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro - Android Islamic App
Muslim Pro

Muslim pro is a utility application. It’s comes with a lot of features that you would generally have problem in finding in a single android application.

Prayer Timings – According to your region and specific location it gives to alert of Salat timings, I have found these notifications pretty accurate and I can rely on these anytime.

Qibla Direction – It gives your precise Qibla direction, this is a good feature that will help you when you are not at home and can’t figure out the Qibla. In such scenarios, It will certainly make your life easier.

Quran – This section contains all the Quranic verses classified on the basis of Surah’s. Each Ayat as Arabic and English version, if you want to listen to audio you will to download the premium version of this application.

Calendar – This application also has a calendar section where you will see all the expected dates of Islamic Events. The dates may vary because of moon sighted-ness, so check out with your local mosques for the confirmation and don’t fully rely on these days.

Asma Al-Hasna – This section comprises of 99 Names of Allah. They are in Arabic and English with their meaning in English version.
Our Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said ‘There are 99 names of Allah; he who commits them to memory would get into paradise.’ I urge you all to learn these beautiful names by heart and let’s hope and pray that we will all get into Paradise. InshaAllah.

Halal Places – On the basis of your location it presents with the Halal Food places near you.

This app is packaged with everything you need so what are you waiting for? Just download it.


2- Allah Names (Asma ul-Husna with Audio)

Allah Names - Android Islamic Apps
Allah Names

If you want to increase your chances of going to paradise, you should, for sure learn the beautiful names of Allah through Audio/Song with its translation and description.

It’s the Holy month of Ramadan and it is a high time when you can focus on learning and understanding Asma ul Husna, which will benefit you here in this life and the life hereafter. This is a very professional application that gives you tips on how to read the names and helps you listen to the audio. The audio is very clear and you will understand each and everything narrated.

Listen to the audio and help yourself and your kids memorize Allah’s beautiful names with this one of a kind app.


3- Dua & Zikr (Hisnul Muslim)

Dua & Zikr - Android Islamic Apps
Dua & Zikr (Hisnul Muslim)

Du’a and zikr app for daily supplication and on special occasion. The app is based on the popular Hisnul Muslim book by Sheikh Sa’id Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaani. Hisnul Muslim is a collection of authentic Du’a and Zikr.

Wouldn’t it be great if we learn these dua;s by heart, so that whatever we do, we have Allah’s blessing with us. This application has 132 duas and trust me they are all very easy, we just need a heart to recall and use them in our daily life.



4- Quran Android

Quran Android - Android Islamic Apps
Quran Android

Quran Android is a free Quran App and it has many great features. The App has a very simple, intuitive interface. It gives easy access to every Surah of Quran arranged in their numerical order. You can search if you are looking for a specific Surah or a specific verse in the Quran and the app is fast and easy to understand.

When you open a verse, you can set its text size and the app allows you to translate the verse in almost every common language. You can listen its recitation and you can share the verses on your Facebook or Twitter and you can paste the verses in your text messages.

The recitations are gapless and clear. Another great feature of the app is that when you’re reading the Quran from the app you can bookmark where you left off and you can continue later from there. You can download the recitations and later listen them in offline mode. If you want to listen to a specific verse you can easily jump to it.


5- iQuran Lite

iQuran Lite - Android Islamic Apps
iQuran Lite

iQuran lite is another Quran App, It gives rich text for every verse of Quran. It’s easy to use and easy to understand. It has a better interface than Quran Android app it gives side-by-side English translation so we can easily understand the verses. You can hear the recitations of the verses by different reciters and it includes my favorite reciter Mishary Rashed Al-Afasy as well. Just like Quran Android you can bookmark, copy and share the verses.

The app has amazing features but I was particularly fascinated by one feature called Quran Supplications. It’s that you can search Quran verses related to a specific keyword. Like I want to read specific verses about “patience” I can press the keyword patience and it will show me all the Quran Verses related to patience. This can be really helpful.

iQuran Lite also helps in recitations. As you read the Quran it shows pronunciation rules, which can improve your recitation.

It has many more features in its paid version.


6- My Prayer

My Prayer - Android Islamic Apps
My Prayer

My prayer is a beautiful app. It shows the prayer timings of your location. It has a wonderful interface it shows the Islamic date and then the prayer times. The app automatically updates the location so if you change your location you will still get the most authentic timings. I love this app for a number of reasons.

Notifications – My prayer app calculates the time remaining in the next prayer and notifies you for each prayer. You can set the notifications settings whether to turn them on or off. You can also set when to get these notifications for example if you want to be notified before the prayer time starts or after each prayer. You can also set different tones for notifications.

Silent – It can be really embarrassing when you’re in the Masjid and your phone starts to ring. In My Prayer app you can sync your prayer timings with your local Masjid and then the phone will be automatically switched to silent when you’re saying the prayer. This can be a really handy feature.

Widgets and Extension – My prayer app has 4 different widgets you can set them on your home-screen. The first two widgets are My Next Prayer. There are two depending on the size. This widget shows the time remaining till the next prayer. This can be really helpful.

The remaining two widgets show all of the prayer timings if you put them on your home-screen you can glance at the prayer timings whenever you need without turning on the app.

If you use dash clock on your lock screen on android 4.2 then you can use My Prayer’s dash clock extension and then you can see the time remaining till the next prayer on your lock-screen or on your daydream.

Compass – You can see the Qibla direction on your phone by My Prayer’s compass. My Prayer is a must have app for everyone.


7- Daily Hadith

Daily Hadith - Android Islamic Apps
Daily Hadith

Hadiths are a major part of our lives; they provide simple solutions to our big problems and overall make our lifestyle better by giving us more and more knowledge about our religion. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get to learn a new hadith every day Indeed it would be.

This app is all about learning hadiths. It features a new hadith everyday. The hadiths are authentic and easy to understand; of course if you want to read more hadiths you can read the daily hadiths of previous days.

This app works greatly; if you are keen to read hadiths then you can turn on notifications for Daily Hadith that way you will be notified whenever they upload a hadith. Another great feature is that you can read the previous hadith even in the offline mode.

You can read the hadith and you can also share it with your friends, post it on Facebook or twitter and you can send the hadith via text messages. The app works great on phones and tabs.


8- Ramadan 2013

Ramadan 2013 - Islamic Android Apps
Ramadan 2013

Ramadan 2013 app is a great utility app. This app helps in many ways I downloaded it today and I am completely impressed by it. When you turn on the app the first thing it asks is your location. It can search your location automatically but you can manually set a location if you want to see the Ramadan calendar of a different location.

The interface is quite simple. It shows the Gregorian date and under it, it shows the Suhoor and Iftar timings along with your location. You can scroll the date and see the suhoor and Iftar timings of upcoming days or of previous days. There is an icon on the top. If you press it you get the prayer timings of the day.

The top left side contains a menu. The menu has many different options. You can access a standard Ramadan calendar from there. Then there are duas. The Ramadan 2013 app contains a set of duas which are really helpful like the invocations of breaking the fast, invocations before eating and after eating and there are many more. They can really help you during your fast.  You can read these duas see their pronunciation and translation.

Then there is a section called Guide. It contains sets of verses from the Quran related to fasting. It has amazing information I learned so much through this app I am sure you will like it too.


9- Discover Islam

Discover Islam - Android Islamic Apps
Discover Islam

This is a wonderful app for the people who want to learn more and more about Islam. It has content on almost every aspect of our religion. The app is simple to understand and it’s very helpful. Lets get into the app.

The interface is quite simple. It shows a list of top trending Islamic articles, which are really well written, and they are really informative. I learned so many things from them and they are really admirable and I enjoyed reading them.

If you scroll to the left there are Islamic articles related to certain topics. There are also hadiths and verses of the Quran with translation in this section.

Islamic Lectures – The best way to keep yourself updated with Islamic information is by listening Islamic lectures. The Discover Islam app has an excellent collection of lectures that gives you amazing knowledge so you can live a better life.

The app includes audio and video lectures by famous Islamic Scholars this requires an Internet connection and you can always download the lectures to your phone if you want to listen later. The app also has recitations of different chapters of the noble Quran by famous reciters. We are sure you will like them. One great thing about this app is that you can find the answers to your questions on Islam. If you can’t find the answer you can personally ask them a question through a live chat.


10- Questions on Islam

Question on Islam  - Islamic Android Apps
Question on Islam

Everyone has issues related to Islam but how to solve them. This app Questions on Islam can solve this problem. You can search your question in this app or you can even ask the question yourself and they will answer your questions. This is a free service given by this app.

The app has a nice interface it takes about five minutes to download its database. Then you have the option to search a certain topic or ask a question there. It shows questions related to certain topics like The Universe or Evolution.

The app has categorized the questions so you can access them easily you can go into these categories and see the questions to gain knowledge. In this way you will have guidance if you face the same problem yourself.


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