Android P is likely to support ‘native call recording’ feature

Written by Talha Saqib ·  1 min read >

A few days ago, we reported that OnePlus 5T got a stable Android 8.0 Oreo but Samsung users are still caught up with Oreo beta build. Now, for the next Android, Google has hinted about a feature having the built-in support. The words on the street are that the upcoming Android P could feature native call recording.

A number of commits discovered in AOSP (Android Open Source Project) that some piece of code referenced the “call recording tone” feature. The tone here would be of 1400Hz frequency – easily audible to a person of any age. It would be heard after every 15 seconds in the recording process. The purpose of which is to make the participants aware that their call is being recorded and to meet “regulatory compliance requirements”.

As you may know, recording a call is illegal in many countries. So, users would definitely have the option of turning on and off the recording to comply with the laws of their region. Interestingly, the 15 seconds tone feature could also be disabled by wireless carriers – who modify Android handsets before selling them, even though, the tone is primarily for having the consent of both parties for the recording.

It’s noteworthy that Google is planning to make the feature available to third-party developers. However, it is not specified that what public API would make the call recording functionality accessible to the app developers.

It must be noted that call recording is no big surprise. There are numerous apps on Play Store filling the shoes. In fact, this feature has been available on Android itself for many years but Google often restricted the developers to access it. Actually, it has been unofficially available by the companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus and more, over the past years.

The search engine giant is in continuous work for Android P, as the first developer preview is reportedly near finalized and could come out on March 14.

We would let you know when the Android P’s developer preview would roll out. Until then, keep following TechJuice.

Written by Talha Saqib
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