The AppJuice’s Smartphone buyers guide – November 2013

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Upcoming smartphones

It’s November, and in the past month, we have seen some latest smartphone releases from manufacturers. Choosing a right smartphone can be difficult, for there is a wide variety out there, and smartphones of almost every size and distinct features are available, and of course not everyone is going to need every particular feature in their smartphone. Everyone needs a distinct set of features in their phones which is in accordance with their need.

So here we are, with our Smartphone Buyers guide November. We’ll be covering almost every type of smartphone, which different people will prefer, based on what they want from their smartphone.

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If you want a High End Android Device



HTC One is one of the beautiful smartphone you’ll ever hold in your hand, with a beautifully crafted aluminum body and Chamfered edges, along with Gorilla Glass 2 and Shining polished edges, this device is looks gorgeous, and beyond any doubt, it is gorgeous. Rocking at the heart of this device is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Chipset along with Quad Core Krait 300 Processor clocked at 1.7 GHz with Adreno 320 GPU and 2 GB RAM. The Camera on this device is a 4 MP UltraPixel camera (Basically a name given by HTC to the technology which increases the size of every pixel so that each pixel can catch more light and the overall image appears better). With 32 GB of onboard memory and beats audio integration along with front facing speakers which produce great sound for a smartphone, this is surely one of the high end Android device currently present on the market.

Specs: Rs. 60,000

Samsung Galaxy S4


The Samsung galaxy S4 is the latest device from Samsung in the Galaxy S lineup. Featuring a 5 inch 1080p Super AMOLED Display, which produces stunning high contrast colors for a distinct viewing experience. Coupled with Exynos 5 Octa 5410 Chipset, with 8 Processing cores, 4 of which are Cortex A7 clocked at 1.2 GHz for light processing while the other 4 are beefy Cortex A15 cores designed to handle heavy tasks. The camera on the back is 13 MP shooter which can do 1080p video recording of course. The S4 has a 2600 mAh battery which should be enough to get you throughout the day with heavy to mediocre use. This one also features a Micro SD card slot, so you can expand the storage as you like, while it comes with 16 GB of onboard storage already, Comes with Android 4.2.2 out of the box along with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on top, which has many attention catching software tricks bundled.

Specs: Rs. 60,000



LG G2 is the latest LG flagship device coupled with latest Snapdragon 800 chipset which supports Quad core Krait 400 Processor, clocked at 2.26 GHz along with 2 GB of RAM and Adreno 330 GPU. The phone features a 5.2 inch True HD IPS+ LCD which has a resolution of 1080p (has become pretty standard now). The phone also has Dolby Mobile Sound Enhancement. On the back there are volume up and down buttons and a 13 MP camera module with an LED Flash. The camera on the back can do 1080p videos @ 60FPS which is itself distinct feature. The battery life of the device is incredible with 3,000 mAh battery the phone can last a whole day with heavy use. This is the device for enthusiasts and the people who are curious about the battery life.

Specs: Rs. 63,000

If a Phablet is your need

Samsung Galaxy Note 3


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest Samsung Flagship device which falls in the category of Phablets. It takes many of its features from The Galaxy S4 with inclusion of some new, most notably the improvements in the S pen functionality which is an exclusive feature of the Note line up. The screen is 5.7 inch Super AMOLED Display again with 1080p resolution. Rocking at the heart of this beast is the Exynos 5 Octa 5420 Chipset, which again possesses 2 distinct set of 4 cores for heavy and light usage, coupled with Powerful Mali T628 MP6 Hex core GPU and beefy 3 GB of RAM. This device comes with a Micro SD Slot for expandable storage while you get different options for onboard storage, that’s 16 GB or 32 GB or 64 GB. The camera on the back is again a 13 MP module which can do 4K video recording @ 30 FPS, Yep! You got it right, that’s 4K or 2160p or 3840×2160, which is yet another remarkable feature of the Note 3. The battery is a 3,200 mAh Module which should be enough to get you throughout the day.

Specs: Rs. 70,000

Xperia Z Ultra


The Xperia Z Ultra is a real big Phablet from Sony, sporting a 6.4 inch Triluminos Display with X-Reality Engine along with 1080p resolution, this device bundles the same Chipset as the LG G2 with 2 GB of RAM again. This is a device for fans of really big screens, for whom, even the devices like Galaxy Note 3 appear small. The surprising feature is that this gadget is IP58 dust and water proof up to 1 meter, which means you don’t need a cloth to remove the smudges off the device, you can just hold it under the tap with no worries. Comes with a 16 GB of built in storage and Micro SD Card Slot for expandable storage. The Xperia Z Ultra has a beautiful device, which takes its design aesthetics from Xperia Z, the glass panels on front and back add to its beauty and simplicity.

Specs: Rs 62,000

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3


The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is yet another big device from Samsung, as told already; there is a device of almost every size available out there. The device sports a 6.3 inch screen (Sorry folks, no Super AMOLED here) which is just slightly less than Xperia Z Ultra. Other specs include a dual core Snapdragon 400 Processor Clocked at 1.7 GHz along with Adreno 305 GPU and 1.5 GB of RAM. The battery is a 3,200 mAh module, which should get you throughout the day easily. This is a device for the ones looking for a phablet at a little low price.

Specs: Rs 43,000


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Looking for a High End Camera Phone

Xperia Z1


The Xperia Z1 is the latest Sony flagship device, known for its camera feature. The camera is 20.7 MP module, which is actually Sony’s own Custom made G Lens with its image sensor powered by the incredible Exmore RS for mobile and the image processing is done by Sony’s own BIONZ engine. The sensor on this one is bigger than seen on other devices, which means more light can get through the lens, this really helps in low light conditions and the images looks incredible. There are couple of software tricks bundled with the phone to make the camera functionality appear even more attractive, and you can alter almost every camera setting through the camera app. Other specs are pretty standard for a Flagship phone these days, which include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Chipset with Quad Core processor Clocked at 2.2 GHz bundled with Adreno 330 GPU and 2 GB of RAM, the Battery is 3,000 mAh battery, and should get you throughout the day easily.

Specs: | Price: Rs. 66,500

Nokia Lumia 1020


Okay, this might sound insane, but we’ve got a 41 MP camera on a phone. Yes, it’s the Nokia Lumia 1020, the best camera phone out there (currently), powered by Windows Phone 8. The camera on the back is a 41 MP sensor, as told already, accompanied by Xenon flash, and a small focus assist flash. The sensor is larger than any other seen on a phone and Nokia has included Pro cam software for the camera to take advantage of all those pixels, basically Pro cam lets you adjust all the camera settings, from the exposure level to even setting the shutter speed. Other specs include a 4.5 inch AMOLED display with 1280×768 resolution, a dual core Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz bundled with 2 GB of RAM and Adreno 225 GPU. Windows Phone 8 doesn’t require powerful specs to run smoothly, so you can expect buttery performance from this device with these specs.

Specs: | Price: Rs. 80,000

If you want Android in a Compact Package

HTC Desire 500


HTC Desire 500 is a mid to low range Android smartphone from HTC. The design is pretty simple and straightforward, though elegant. The device runs on Snapdragon 200 Chipset, which bundles Quad core 1.2 GHz Cortex A5 processor along with Adreno 203 GPU coupled with 1 GB RAM. The screen is 4.3 inch WVGA TFT Display, 4 GB of internal storage is there along with Micro SD card slot for expansion. The back houses an 8 MP camera along with LED flash. Android 4.1.2 comes out of the box with HTC’s sense UI 5.0 on top. The battery is an 1800 mAh which is quite normal for a phone of this type.

Specs: | Price: Rs 30,000


Sony Xperia SP


Xperia SP is a mid range device from Sony which does quite well actually. Inside this device is a Snapdragon S4 chipset with dual core 1.7 GHz processor along with Adreno 320 GPU and 1 GB of RAM. This means that even the graphic intensive games should run well on this device. The device houses a 4.6 inch 1280×720 resolution display along with Sony Mobile Bravia Engine 2. 8 GB of on board storage is there along with Micro SD card slot for expansion. 8 MP camera is there on the back which is capable of taking some decent images. The battery is 2370 mAh battery on which this device should last pretty well.

Specs: | Price: Rs 33,00o


If an iOS device is your priority

iPhone 5s


Pretty obvious, eh? Sure if anyone is going to ask to get an iOS smartphone, the first choice people are going to recommend these days is getting an iPhone 5s, and why not? It’s got all the charms you need from an iPhone. The Apple A7 chipset smokes its competitors like Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 in performance and graphics processing, though it only has a dual core 1.3 GHz processor coupled with only a Gig of RAM but Apple has proved that all those cores and GHz don’t really matter for real slick performance, also the A7 is first of its kind, it’s the first mobile chipset to incorporate 64-bit architecture, which is itself a milestone in Smartphone world. Another remarkable feature of iPhone 5s is the fingerprint sensor (which Apple calls Touch ID) in place of the home button, for improved security. Other specs include a 4 inch IPS display with a resolution of 1136×640 which is Apple’s Retina threshold (by now, all must be familiar with that feature). The back houses an improved 8 MP sensor (improved when compared to iPhone 5) along with dual LED Flash. iOS 7 powers the device, so all the charms of iOS are there and all the exclusive apps designed for iOS are available at hand. The battery is 1560 mAh one, and should last a day easily.

Specs: Rs 92,000

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5c, is mid range iPhone you can get these days. Its internals are the same as iPhone 5, what changes here is the body. The glass and aluminum body is gone and replaced by a full plastic body. Rocking inside this iPhone is the Apple A6 chipset, as seen on iPhone 5 along with a gigabyte of RAM. 8 MP camera is there on the back and the front sports a 4 inch retina display. The Apple A6 still performs like a charm and should be performing well for the time to come. So if you want an iPhone for a little low price and in a colorful package, here it is.

Specs: | Price: Rs 60,000

If you want a Windows Phone Device

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Nokia Lumia 920


When it comes to Windows Phones, nothing does better than Nokia Lumias, the reason is simple, Nokia is truly dedicated to Windows Phone devices. The Lumia 920 is the big boy of the Lumia series. Powered by Windows Phone 8, this phone packs a dual core Snapdragon S4 1.5 GHz processor along with 1 GB of RAM and Adreno 225 GPU, which are more than enough for Windows Phone 8 to run without lag. The back houses a Pureview 8 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. There is no Micro SD card slot but the phone itself comes with a 32 GB of Onboard storage, so you won’t need any. The battery is a 2,000 mAh module, which should last quite good.

Specs: | Price: Rs.38,000


Nokia Lumia 520

The Lumia 520 is not only the budget offering in Smartphones but also it’s a great phone to go for. With a 4 inch IPS screen, 1 GHz Dual core Krait Processor along with Adreno 305 GPU and 512 MB of RAM. The back houses a 5 MP camera however no LED flash. 8 GB of onboard storage is there along with Micro SD card slot. The battery is 1430 mAh, and should get you decent up time.

Specs: | Price: Rs. 17,500

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If you are a Blackberry fan

Blackberry Q10


Blackberries are usually liked by their fans for their physical keyboard and ease of text input. Now here we have Blackberry Q10, one of the latest Blackberry devices with Blackberry 10 OS and a physical QWERTY keyboard. The design is traditional Blackberry. The screen is 3.1 inch capacitive touch screen which is surprisingly super AMOLED with a resolution of 720×720, which creates 1:1 aspect ratio. The device is powered by 1.5 GHz Dual core processor along with 2 GB of RAM. The back houses an 8 MP camera which can do 1080p video recording. The battery has a capacity of 2100 mAh which should last pretty good.

Specs: | Price: Rs 55,000


Blackberry Q5


Blackberry Q5 is a low end version of Q10 designed to target buyers with low budget. The screen is the same 3.1 inch touch screen with 720×720 resolution, but this time, it’s IPS. We have 1.2 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor along with 2 GB of RAM.  The QWERTY keyboard is there of course and on the back we have 5 MP camera which can do 1080p videos. We have 8 GB onboard storage along with Micro SD card for expansion. The battery is 2180 mAh battery which should do quite well.

Specs: | Price: Rs. 35,000

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