Apple may fix MacBook’s most annoying problem

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March 10, 2018
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Finally, it’s time for MacBook owners to get some relief, one of your troubles is coming to an end. According to a patent application recently released, Apple could be developing a new MacBook keyboard designed to keep dirt out, as reported by The Sun.

According to the patent, the new keyboard would be designed to prevent crumbs and dust, either by sealing gaps off or having a membrane beneath each key that would blow out air every time a key is pressed, pushing out unwanted rubbish. As the patent application states,

“Liquid ingress around the keys into the keyboard can damage electronics. Residues from such liquids may corrode or block electrical contacts, getting in the way of key movement and so on.”

The patent further describes that how those problems might be cured; with the careful application of gaskets, brushes, wipers, or flaps that block gaps beneath keycaps. As the patent reads, “a keyboard assembly [could include] a substrate, a keycap, and a guard structure extending from the keycap that funnels contaminants away from the movement mechanism.”

It still remains to be seen that whether we will be able to see this particular change to the MacBook design, however, it would certainly an improvement that solves a very real problem of both MacBook and MacBook Pro, if it actually makes it out to the real world.

Meanwhile, as the Cupertino’s tech giant has become more popular with its smartphones production and so far what we know is that some of those new flagship iPhones are facing a weird camera problem.

Image Source: Cnet

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