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Apple iPhone 15 Pro May Not Have New Solid-State Volume Button:As Per Kuo

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Apple has planned to bring a significant design change to iPhone 15 Pro. Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the respected analysts, “Apple no longer plans to use a solid-state button design on the iPhone 15 and iPhone Pro Max.

“My latest survey indicates that due to unresolved technical issues before mass production, both high-end iPhone 15 Pro models (Pro &Pro Max) will abandon the closely-watched solid-state button design” and revert to the traditional physical button design”.

The pro versions of the late 2023 iPhones were rumoured to have solid-state power and volume buttons as early as October 2022. However, the theory was broadly accepted as fact until this Spring.


Though, it is expected that it must be Kuo himself,who has spread the news.

Hence, in other words, the button won’t work onwards but will use a hectic mechanism to mimic the feel of a click in response to pressure and skin contact. According to the analyst, the new buttons require three new haptic engines inside the iPhone.

Previously, Apple did the same in 2016 when iPhone 7 was launched with a solid-state home button.
Moreover, removing a moving component was supposed to reduce the likelihood of mechanical issues, as the iPhone’s home buttons have historically been one of its most prone to malfunction.

However, the new design was not universally adored then, referred to as “odd and weird”, and iPhone had problems with it.

However, whether the physical buttons will have two volumes or just one extended controller still needs to be determined. As previously reported, it is still a mystery.

According to Kuo, Apple still has time to change the design since iPhone 15 Pro is still in the EVT(Engineering Validation Test) development stage.

Although, it is not anticipated that the change will significantly affect the Pro model’s mass production schedule and shipments. It may harm important Taptic Engine component suppliers, including Cirrus Logic and AAC technologies.

According to one more piece of news, Jeff Pu and Shelly Chou, tech analysts at Hong-Kong based investment firm Haitong International Securities, the solid-state button design may be delayed until the iPhone 16 series in 2024.
A recent study shows that the iPhone 15 Pro will feature a titanium frame with a rounder-edged design, a giant camera and new buttons.

Whereas the individual camera protrusions are expected to increase once again.
Hence, it is expected that iPhone 15 will have all-new sensor technology that will capture more light and reduce overexposure or underexposure specific settings. Moreover, the new phones will have a modern design with slightly curved edges, the camera bump will be more significant and the display bezels thinner.

Furthermore, all iPhone 15 versions are expected to include the USB-C port.

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