Apple is finally releasing Find My AirPods feature

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Apple has released the first beta of iOS 10.3 to developers which include “Find My AirPods” feature among others.

The option to find the AirPods is available in “Find My iPhone” app. AirPods rely on Bluetooth Connectivity. There is no WiFi or GPS tracking system for locating them if they get lost. With Find My AirPods option, users can see the location of their AirPods on a map and they can also play an alarm sound so that the tiny buds are easier to spot.

If you have lost just one airpod and it is within the range, then you can ring the alarm for that separately as there are two separate speaker icons available for each left and right airpod.

The limitation is the Bluetooth functionality which can work within a few meters range. Users should be in the vicinity of their lost AirPods if they want to use Find My AirPods option. This functionality works perfectly if you have lost your earbuds at home.

Apple warns users not to use the alarm if AirPods are in their ears as the sound can be loud which may hurt their hearing.

The other improvements iOS 10.3 offers are Apple File System (APFS), new Podcast widget, new iCloud settings, improved Siri, in-app reviews and ratings, updates user interface, animations and CarPlay option to access three recently visited apps.

Apple users will be able to download the latest update after beta testing is completed.

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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