Apple is not deliberately slowing down devices, Benchmark Analysis

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iPhone 8

It has long been speculated that Apple slows down older devices purposely to move the users to the newly launched iPhones.

Now a benchmarking company Futuremark has set out to debunk this old myth for iPhone users. Futuremark has taken real-world data into account by collecting over 100,000 benchmark results for 7 different iPhones using three different versions of iOS namely iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11.

Interestingly, the result has come out in favor of Apple. Let’s first take a look at iPhone 5S GPU performance with the three iOS versions. The bars show average 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme Graphics test score. We can see that the performance of iPhone 5S has remained fairly consistent across three versions. Check out mobile prices in Pakistan for all iPhone models.


Next, comes CPU performance, it is measured by the 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme Physics test. Again the results were pretty consistent.


The charts for other iPhones also show a very consistent result as display below.


Having said that, benchmark analysis and results can’t be compared with the real world usage of a smartphone. After every new version launch of iOS, the older iPhones might require a little bit more time processing the new functionalities and features due to which people might get the notion that their phone has slowed down.

But the results go on to say that Apple makes an effort to support the older versions of its iPhones.

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