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Apple has finally joined Instagram. The @apple handle was launched a few hours ago and is bringing Apple’s phrase ‘Shot on iPhone’ to Instagram by showcasing some of the brilliant photos people have taken. The account has over 270,000 followers already and they are increasing by the minute.

Before now, Apple had a presence on the photo-sharing platform under their subsidiaries of iTunes, Apple Music, iBooks, and others. But the giant itself never chose to make an Instagram account. The company preferred huge billboards, plastering them with exquisite shots and of course the phrase ‘Shot on iPhone’.

#ShotoniPhone by… – 1. Fabien B. @fabienbaron “These photographs are my personal mood board. This is what I see and like.” – 2. Jess R. @jessronagrooming “If I could choose only one type of dog to groom for the rest of my life what would it be? Oh my gosh. A poodle!” – 3. Josh N. @bellpayphoneproject “This is street furniture that’s been around for almost a century and it will be gone soon. Gone forever… and I’ll be telling my grandkids about this nerdy project where I took pictures of phones with a telephone.” – 4. Brock D. @brockdavis “I’ve created so many things just to make my kids laugh at breakfast time.” – 5. Olivier C. @oli_op “I am drawn to things that look mundane at first, but then become magical because you’ve changed one factor – the speed at which you see it.”

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Apple joining Instagram at this time when their new flagship iPhone 8 is about to hit the market seems like the right move. We’re honestly quite surprised why Apple did not do this earlier as over 80% of Instagrammers follow a business profile. Instagram, with its 700 million active users, is the ultimate platform after Facebook to keep one’s fans and followers hooked. Right now, 1 million businesses use Instagram as a prime source to inspire people by posting striking visuals of their products.

It does not appear right now that Apple will use their official Instagram handle to post about their upcoming products. However, if you appreciate good photography this account might be for you.

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