Apple patents a pencil that can even write in air

Written by Nimra Puri ·  1 min read >

Apple has registered a patent, a smart pencil of a sort, which would allow content creation in three dimensions including air.

Apple has registered a new patent titled “Content creation using Electronic Input Device on Non- Electronic devices.” It is a sort of electric pencil or stylus, which will have the capability of writing in three dimensions. The data generated through this patent stylus can be sent towards different devices wirelessly.

The most exciting thing about the pencil is that it can be used on any flat surface. You can also use it to draw 3D objects whose digital footprints can be transferred to an electronic device.

Obviously, if we are talking about Apple then it’s all about innovation. According to Apple Insider, three Apple engineers are behind this newly registered patent. The patented stylus can find many applications in the industry. It can help in making 3D object models on the computer through “Radiofrequency or acoustic signals” which travel towards sensors.

Techtastic, a media company, was the first to spot this patent. Later on, Engadget reported that the patent was filed last year and was made public this year in January.

The new patented Pencil looks like the upgraded version of Apple Pencil, the new device is capable of connecting with iPad, iPhone, Apple watch and iPod too.

For those wondering when will this see the light of the day, we are still not sure yet and like many other previous patents, it might remain paperwork and concept only.

Interestingly, Apple is exploring a stylus or an electronic pen yet Apple’s late CEO, Steve Jobs, believed that human fingers were the best stylus one can ask for and there was no need to make one.