Apple to launch smartglasses in 2020 and iCar in 2023, Analysts

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According to Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo Apple is going to launch smartglasses with augmented reality in 2020 and Apple’s Car, iCar in 2023.

You may call it sheer speculation but cannot ignore the fact that Apple does have hundreds of employees working on both automotive projects and augmented reality prototypes. Kuo’s research is known for having a strong track record of accurately describing Apple products often months before the company officially launches them.

In the speculative note, as reported by Business Insider, Kuo discusses how Apple could reach a $2 trillion market cap after it reached the $1 trillion mark earlier this month. He wrote in the research note, “Services, AR, and Apple Car will create Apple’s next trillion-dollar market cap.”

He further predicts Augmented reality, combining the digital and physical worlds through smartglasses is going to become Apple’s next major user interface just like the iPhone introduced multi-touch touchscreens.

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To accomplish the future’s projects, Apple has hundreds of employees working on augmented reality technology. Some work on Apple’s current augmented reality software for the iPhone, ARKit, which developers can use to easily create augmented reality apps. Others are working on prototypes and other Research and Development projects.

Kuo also makes a few predictions about an Apple Car, which he says could be Apple’s next “star product” and could launch between 2023 and 2025. Apple is likely to tightly integrate services into the car, which could lead Apple to enter into the car financing market.

On the other hand, Apple has filed a patent last week for an augmented reality-powered windshield system. The Cupertino giant has named it Heads-Up Display. Notably, its AR windshield may allow passengers in different vehicles to have FaceTime calls with each other.

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