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Are extroverts more likely to become Entrepreneurs?

Fahim Zapoh Written by Fahim Zapoh · 48 sec read>

The online personality and career assessment service Truity reported in its findings that extroverts are more likely to work for themselves.

Molly Owens, the CEO of Truity, an online personality assessment service says that the reason for this has to do with the hormone dopamine, a chemical released on achievements and triumphs. An extrovert’s brains releases a higher amount of dopamine than an introvert which results in the extroverted individual getting a heightened sense of achievement than an introvert would at that point. She explains this results in extroverts being more inclined to take risks and consequently being more likely to be self-employed.

She also thinks this has to do with the fact that founders’ jobs entail being extroverted, for instance, while holding meetings with employees, pitching clients and networking. However, the internet is changing this to an extent. Because now, a lot of jobs can be done remotely with meeting people in person which introverts may have found difficult.


13.5% of ENTPs (people with a preference for extroversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving) said they were self-employed, while only 3.2% of ISFPs (people with a preference for introversion, sensing, feeling, and perceiving) reported the same.

She suggests introverts may be able to excel in digital marketing because it gives them an opportunity to work while staying behind the scenes most of the time.

Source: Business Insider