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Arpatech launches an Online Grocery Store – TazaMart

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Arpatech has been in the news with regard to different technology launches and acquisitions lately. Now, they want to make grocery shopping fun and convenient after they revolutionized food ordering through Arpatech has launched a grocery products web store which aims at saving users from the hassle of going out and buying stuff. The online store brings to you, a range of grocery products varying from items like flour, oil/ghee, rice, sugar, spices to finished items such as breakfast cereals, jams, frozen food, dairy items and so on.

What makes TazaMart different from the rest is same day products delivery, live chat option, call center support and SMS notifications to the customers. Plans are already in place to include services like live order tracking through Google maps. For those concerned about sharing their credit card information online, TazaMart will soon be accepting payment through credit/debit card on delivery. This will allow TazaMart customers to pay for their purchases through credit/debit card at their doorstep.

Daniyal Akhtar – Business Unit Manager for TazaMart operations says, “Our goal is simple, we need to provide our clients with the best products, in the fastest time possible, at the most cost effective pricing.”

In its initial phase, TazaMart will cover non-perishable products and meats while, over time, perishable items will also be included. This will be possible as TazaMart is in the process of developing backend operations to manage logistics, warehousing and storage to carry perishable items. responds well to small screens and works great on both tablets and cell phones. The recent acquisition of Forrun by Arpatech will play an important role in providing the last mile logistics for TazaMart.

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Written by Fatima Rizwan
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