Artificial Intelligence surprises experts by writing a winning college paper

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Artificial Intelligence has delivered results in a lot of areas; including medicine, defense, law enforcement, and education. But, in an unprecedented development, it has emerged that AI can also write winning college papers.

As per a report published by EduRef, an online provider of educational research, the organization conducted a trial to analyze the capabilities of a deep learning language prediction model known as GPT-3. A panel of professors was directed to create writing prompts, which were then given to a group comprising of graduate and undergraduate level writers, apart from the GPT-3 model.

The report concluded that the A.I’s writing closely mimicked human writing in terms of grammar, syntax, and word frequency, and the feedback was similar too. “Even without being augmented by human interference, GPT-3’s assignments received more or less the same feedback as the human writers,” according to EduRef.

The researchers noted that the deep learning model took significantly less time to complete the assignments, i.e., between 3 and 20 minutes, compared to the 3 days that humans took.

However, the report expresses doubt on the A.I’s takeover in this particular area. “Despite its revolutionary output, GPT-3 won’t be earning college degrees on its own anytime soon. When put up against human writers, GPT-3 secured some passing grades but failed to nail creative writing.”, the post further added.

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