Machine Learning

Campaign launched to ban “Gender recognition tech” due to its implications for trans individuals

Dangers posed by facial recognition like mass surveillance and mistaken identity have been widely discussed in recent years. But...

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Artificial Intelligence surprises experts by writing a winning college paper

Artificial Intelligence has delivered results in a lot of areas; including medicine, defense, law enforcement, and education. But, in...

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NUST to conduct a 5 day training on machine learning to develop expertise of the technology

According to a notification by NUST, the university will conduct a 5-day training on machine learning and its various...

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Machines may come alive as blueprints for machine consciousness are made by scientists

Terminator seemed like something from the future when it first aired in 1984 but as time progressed people started...

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Deep Dive: What is Active Learning in AI?

Like every other aspect of artificial intelligence, Active Learning is one of those buzzwords that corporations and entrepreneurs throw...

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Cyberattacks against machine learning systems are very common

Machine Learning (ML) has changed the whole outlook of the IT industry since its inception. With more and more...

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Inside The TUKL Lab In NUST-SEECS – How Far Are We In The Machine Learning Domain?

Machine Learning is the talk of the town these days. Conventional processes which used to be digitally transformed by...

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Deep Dive – Gradient Descent in Machine Learning

We know that machine learning exists to create programs that can learn to do something, be it distinguishing between...

Sep 11 · 2 min read >

Deep Dive – What is Linear Regression in Machine Learning?

For nearly seventy years now, machine learning has had this crude definition attached to it: that it is a...

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Deep Dive – What is the difference between Supervised and Unsupervised Learning?

At this point in time, artificial intelligence needs little to no introduction. Over here in Pakistan, investment and interest...

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NUST researcher becomes the first Muslim scientist to win prestigious IAPR award

A beloved and popular researcher at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has just attained a historic...

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Systems Limited hosts AI SYSCON in partnership with TechJuice

Systems Limited, Pakistan’s premier technology organization, organized “AI SYSCON” in collaboration with TechJuice on 22 November, 2019 at Systems...

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