Bajwa Can Be The Next Victim Of The Hacker’s Brutality

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The biggest security breach in the history of Pakistani Politics has not even started to be revealed yet it had brought light to some very surprising revelations like Maryam’s son-in-law’s spoiled nature and her wish of dissolving the “National Health Card”. The current Army Chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa has already been in many controversies lately for his pro-political stances, and can probably be the next victim of the audio leak scandal.

100 hours of audio clips are on the dark web right now for 180 Bitcoins (the original price was 18 bitcoins and has been increased maybe due to all the attraction it has been getting), by an anonymous user named “Indishell”. A question was raised by an anonymous user of the dark web, the question was if the hackers have audios of General Bajwa.

The hacker refused to answer that first but replied with a mere “YES” after some resistance from the user.

Audio leak

While the hacker tweeted on their Twitter also named “Indishell’ which has been exclusively covering these hacks and has been running anti-government tweets, tweeted that more clips will be released on Friday.

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