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Bangladeshi Hackers seem to have taken a liking for Pakistani Startups

Written by Sarwat Fatima ·  1 min read >

There have been two hacking incidents reported on young Pakistani startups in the past few days. In both incidents, hackers represented Bangladeshi hacker community; the first hack on DeliveriT took place on 23rd July 2015 by Cyber71 while the second hack on Quick & Easy Grocery (QNE) occurred on 27th July 2015 by oRionShunter.

Cyber71 boasted on DeliveriT site via video saying that they hacked to protect Bangladesh. This was odd since what possibly a young Pakistani startup who had nothing to do with Bangladesh in the product and services could have done?

Delieverit, a startup which is currently incubated at Nest i/O, Karachi aims to provide a same day delivery service for food, parcels, online shopping and much more. This young startup had been launched for just one week when it was hacked. On the other hand, Quick & Easy Grocery (QNE), is an upcoming online grocery store which delivers your grocery right on your doorstep. This clearly shows that both startups and their services have no relation with Bangladesh. Here is the picture of the hacked website of QNE from last night.

QNE Hacked 1

However, things became clear after the hackers left a message on the hacked page of QNE. Apparently, this was Bangladesh’s way of paying back to Pakistani hackers who had hacked into Bangladesh sites. It seems that our upcoming startups have been caught in a crossfire between Pakistani and Bangladeshi hackers.

QNE Hacked 2

Apart from Pakistani startups, two other hacking incidents by Bangladeshi hackers occurred on Pakistani national websites. Punjab Assembly website was hacked as a result of a payback to Pakistani hacker shadow008 on 17th July 2015 and Pakistan’s president Mamnoon Hussain’s website got hacked and defaced by Dark Shadow on 19th July 2015. The following image from the president’s hacked website shows the list of Bangladeshi websites hacked by Pakistani Hackers.

Bangladeshi Hackers hacks Pakistani Startup websites.

The hacking spree will end only when hackers will make peace with each other. In the meanwhile, website owners would need to take extra security precautions for their websites. Let’s hope this online war ends soon!

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Written by Sarwat Fatima
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