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25 Beautifully designed Android Apps to download

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Apps are the backbone of the Android Mobile Operating System and the android app library is very vast, apps for almost every purpose are available and apps giving you all sort of information you need are there. However the interface of the apps does matter, it shapes your experience and ease of interaction with the app. The more beautifully the app is designed, the more likely you are going to use it on your device, but the thing is, it’s not always easy to find such eye candy apps in vast ocean of android app library, so here we’ll be covering some beautifully designed android apps which you are likely to download:

1. Avocado

Avocado is a lovely app for couples with great UI and awesome features. You and your partner can set up a common Avocado account where you share a common password. Inside avocado you can securely text your partner and share pictures with them. You can also create doodles and can exchanges virtual hugs and kisses. There is a built in calendar which you can use to set reminders for particular events like birthdays and anniversaries.



Download here:

2. Flipboard

Flipboard is a beautiful android news magazine app which lets you flip through the feeds instead of sliding or swiping. There are different categories of news while the headlines and important news are shown in cover news. You can make your own flipboard account and save the news for making your own personal magazine. You can even connect your Facebook and twitter account and start flipping.



Download here:

3. Path:

Path is a great social app which with really eye candy visuals and features. Path lets you share your personal life with friends and family in a different way. You can share your photos and select the people who see it; you can even make a group of particular people and share with them your thoughts, your photos and whatever you are doing, also you can do check ins too, and the great thing is that you can share your path posts on Facebook, twitter and other social networks too.



Download here:

4. Google Keep:

Google Keep is a simple but eye candy note taking app. The design of Google keep is quite simple, on the front page you have all the notes you have taken, you can select the color for each. Swiping from the left lets you access different areas of the app, like your archived notes and reminders, yes, you can also add reminders and make list of items or things you want to do or get, and the app also lets you take notes with pictures.



Download here:

5. Any. Do

Any. Do is a task and to do list manager app. This app possess minimalist UI, which is quite simple and easy to use, though elegant as well. The front of the app shows you to do and task list along with the time you would have set them for being reminded. In order to delete a reminder you just need to swipe it and you’ll be allowed to delete it. The app consists of a drop down menu which is the only way you can access all the options available in the app. The app also shows reminder in your Android’s drop down notification menu.



Download here:

6. Snapseed

Snapseed is a great photo editing app with very easy to use UI and great variety of tools. There are a number of tools you can use to tweak your photos according to your choice and every tool provides highly customizable options. Google + integration is there on hand, so you can easily share your photos as you edit them in your choice.


Download here:

7. Repix:

Repix is yet another amazing photo editing app. The UI of the app is pretty simple and straight forward. There is a variety of brushes producing different effects, which is a quite unique feature, and not seen on most of the photo editing apps. Then there are filters, which are quite few but are great and do the job quite well. You can also tweak different settings of your photo like brightness, contrast, saturation, etc., and then in the end you always have a choice to buy more filters and brushes for a price.



Download here:

8. Shazam:

Shazam is a wonderful music detecting app which does it quite well. As you fire up the app, you get the Shazam button which you can press to start listening music so that Shazam can identify it, as Shazam identifies your track, you can access complete information regarding that track as well as Shazam would direct you to Amazon to buy that track on your choice, also, you can access YouTube video to that track from within it. With Facebook and Google + integration, you can see what your friends have Shazamed in the news section.



Download here:

9. EyeEm:

EyeEm is a photo sharing and exploring app where you can snap pictures from your phone and upload them for the world to see as well as you can browse through different pictures other people would have uploaded and acquire inspiration from them. As you snap a picture from device’s camera, you are given an option to choose from 17 filters available, or you can leave it untouched on your choice. Social network integration is there on hand, so you can share your uploaded pictures on Facebook and twitter as well.



Download here:

10. Saavn:

Saavn is a Music app which lets you listen to latest as well as existing Bollywood, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri songs, online on your device. The Saavn library is very vast; you can even get the oldest songs in it. The app UI is pretty straight forward and the first page of the app sports new releases and their posters. Then there is social networks integrations as well, which lets you share songs and your play lists as well.



Download here:

11. Vine:

Vine is social app where you take short videos and upload them for your friends and family to see. You can also browse popular and recent videos which different people would have shared with the world that too means that you can upload your videos for the world to see. There is Facebook and twitter integration you can share your videos on twitter and Facebook as well.



Download here:

12. Nice Weather:

Nice Weather is a lovely weather app. As you launch the app, it shows you very minimal UI with elegant display of current weather conditions of your selected area. Swiping through the right will let you see pages containing forecast for next day, which are limited to 5 days. At the bottom of every page there is a time to temperature graph of the day which you can move to check conditions at a particular time. You can access settings from the button at the top and set your preferences.



Download here:

13. Sol Mail

Sol Mail is a 3rd party Email app which supports multiple email accounts. The UI of the app is quite attractive, swiping from the right will let you select your email account out of those you would have connected, after selecting a particular account, the same menu will let you access different folders of your email account. You can swipe a particular mail from the list to delete it. After you are in an email, you can swipe right and left to access next and previous emails too.



Download here:

14. Boomerang

Boomerang is a third party email app which supports Gmail only as of yet. So if you use Gmail as your main account, this is the app you should try. The app attracts the user with its simplicity and choice of background. Swiping an email to the left will send it to archive while swiping from right will reveal a number of options you can apply. It’s very easy to compose and send emails too, and with this app, everything regarding your Gmail becomes handy and easy to use.



Download here:

15. SolCalendar

SolCalendar is a third party Calendar App for Android. The app is quite handy when it comes to manage agenda of the whole month or to keep in mind the dates of different events. What distinguishes this app from other is of course its design, the app is designed for visual ease, you can view all the events you have set at particular dates at the launch screen even. It is also quite easy to add new events and the app also lets you view a particular day as a whole where you can easily add new events set at particular time.



Download here:

16. Feedly

Feedly is news reader app which lets you read news, blogs, RSS Feeds from the popular websites around the world. The UI of Feedly is simple; you keep swiping from the bottom and keep browsing through the news from the sources you’ve selected already. Swiping from the right will let you add or remove sources or websites, access settings; also you can select particular categories to view, on your choice. The app also lets you save articles for later reading.



Download here:

17. Umano

Umano is something different. We see news readers out there in Play store, but Umano is a news speaker. It collects news from popular websites and allows you to actually listen to them. The UI of Umano is pretty straight forward, on the front page there is news from different sources and on the top there are cover stories. Swiping from the right will allow you to select a particular category of news. The app allows you to add news to your playlist if you are a registered user.



Download here:

18. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social app which connects you to different people around the world and acquire inspiration from their ideas and the news they share. The front of the page contains content from all the boards and people you follow, while swiping from the right lets you browse through particular categories and also let you search for anything particular. You can also pin the posts from different boards and websites for your followers to see.



Download here:

19. Quora

Quora is another Social app which again connects you to the different people around the world and this time it allows to ask questions, yes, if you ever had a query or an unsolved question, here’s your chance to ask it from the people around the world and see if someone comes up with an answer. The UI of the App is pretty straight forward, the front of the app features the most anticipated questions and answers and posts from the people you follow. Swiping through the app lets you access different pages of the app and ‘plus’ sign at the bottom of the home page lets you ask questions.



Download here:

20. Fancy

Fancy is an online shopping app where you can browse different products in an attractive way. You can add any particular product you like in your wish list. You can also follow your friends who use fancy and see their collection. People at fancy do ship products to different countries but unfortunately they don’t in Pakistan, so your best bet is to view products and get inspiration from them, and then buy them directly from the market.



Download here:

21. Houzz

Houzz is home designing ideas app which lets you browse through their collection of pictures of interior and exterior design and acquire inspiration. At the home of the app you can browse random pictures while you can select particularly category from the menu which can be accessed from the bottom of the app. The app also lets you make your own idea book for later viewing if you are a registered user.


Download here:

22. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a music app which lets you connect to many different music sources of your choice to listen to. The home of the app shows the tracks from the sources you’ve followed, while swiping from the right brings you host of options and settings. You can also record your own tracks and upload them for being streamed by the people who follow you.


Download here:

23. File Commander

File Commander is a file manager app which is quite stable and elegant looking that many others. As you launch the app, it starts with your internal storage or SD card from where you can browse through your device. The bottom of the app hosts a number of file managing tools which don’t mess up like in many other file managers. Swiping from the left will bring up host of other options which also let you browse particular types of files. This app also integrates support for many cloud based storage services as well.


Download here:

24. Speedtest

Speedtest is an internet speed testing tool which is pretty straight forward. As you fire up the app it starts finding the closest server and then you see a speed o meter which measures your connection’s speed. The app also keeps a record of your previous speed tests.



Download here:

25. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger, as the name implies and you must already be familiar of, is a messaging app for Facebook where you can text your Facebook friends from your device. This time, with the new update, the messenger has gone a under a complete UI overhaul, whose theme resembles to that of iOS 7, thus easily making it one of the most beautiful android app.


Download here:

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